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Animal Biotechnology - Technologies, Markets and Companies


This report describes and evaluates animal biotechnology and its application in veterinary medicine and pharmaceuticals as well as improvement in food production.

Knowledge of animal genetics is important in the application of biotechnology to manage genetic disorders and improve animal breeding. Genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics are also being applied to animal biotechnology.

Transgenic technologies are used for improving milk production and the meat in farm animals as well as for creating models of human diseases. Transgenic animals are used for the production of proteins for human medical use. Biotechnology is applied to facilitate xenotransplantation from animals to humans. Genetic engineering is done in farm animals and nuclear transfer technology has become an important and preferred method for cloning animals.

Biotechnology has potential applications in the management of several animal diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease, classical swine fever, avian flu and bovine spongiform encephalopathy. The most important biotechnology-based products consist of vaccines, particularly genetically engineered or DNA vaccines. Gene therapy for diseases of pet animals is a fast developing area because many of the technologies used in clinical trials humans were developed in animals and many of the diseases of cats and dogs are similar to those in humans.RNA interference technology is now being applied for research in veterinary medicine

Table of Contents

0. Executive Summary 13

1. Introduction to Animal Biotechnology 15

2. Application of Biotechnology in Animals 43

3. A Biotechnology Perspective of Animals Diseases 75

4. Molecular Diagnostics in Animals 109

5. Biotechnology-based Veterinary Medicine 151

6. Research in Animal Biotechnology 189

7. Animal Biotechnology Markets 205

8. Regulatory issues 219

9. Companies Involved in Animal Biotechnology 231

10. References 363

Tables and Figures

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