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Mobile Gambling: Casinos, Lotteries & Betting 2013-2018


This 8th edition of Juniper Research's industry-leading report provides the reader with an in-depth analysis of the mobile gambling arena covering the trends, challenges and opportunities across this fast-growing sector.

Key Features of the Report

Enhancing the Mobile Strategy

The report delivers a thorough evaluation of the key challenges and decisions facing gambling operators, including:

  • Transitioning Mobile from Retentive to Acquisitive Channel
  • Native App, HTML5 Solution, or Both?
  • Mobile Payment Opportunities and Hurdles

Expert analysis is backed up by interviews with leading players across the mobile gambling value chain, including Unibet, Williams Interactive and Mobenga. It also includes a series of strategic recommendations designed to enable service providers to maximise their opportunity in this fast evolving market.

Comprehensive Market Forecasts

For almost ten years, Juniper Research has delivered the benchmark forecasts on the mobile gambling industry. These revised and expanded five-year forecasts project key metrics such as:

  • User Numbers by channel and platform
  • Average Monthly Wagers
  • Total Annual Wagers
  • Annual Gross Win

Within the report, these forecasts are split by device type (handset/tablet/total), by gambling sector (casino, lottery, betting and exchange betting) and by 8 key regions. The report features 61 forecast tables and 58 pages of forecasts and forecast analysis. These forecasts are backed up by an assessment of how regulatory developments at state, national and international levels will impact upon the mobile gambling industry.

the accompanying Mobile Gambling 2013-2018 Excel offers additional layers of granularity, including country level forecasts for the US, Canada, France, Italy, the UK, China and Japan. It also splits handsets into smartphones and featurephones, and includes more than 120 tables and 13,100 data points.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • ES1. Introduction
  • ES2. Mobile Gambling Defined
  • ES3. Driving Mobile Gambling Adoption
  • ES4. The Mobile Gambling Opportunity
  • ES5. Strategic Recommendations

1. Gambling: The Continued Ascent of Mobile

  • 1.1. Introduction
  • 1.3. Market Drivers

2. Maximising mGambling's Prospects

  • 2.1. Extending Strategies to Mobile
  • 2.2. Building a Mobile Solution
  • 2.3. Mobile Payments: Hurdles and Opportunities

3. Opportunities & Regulation at a Regional Level

  • 3.1. Overview
  • 3.2. North America
  • 3.3. Latin America
  • 3.4. Western Europe
  • 3.5. Central & Eastern Europe
  • 3.6. Far East & China
  • 3.7. Indian Subcontinent
  • 3.8. Rest of Asia Pacific
  • 3.9. Africa & Middle East

4. The Total Market for Mobile Gambling

  • 4.1. Introduction
  • 4.2. Methodology
  • 4.3. The Total Mobile Gambling Market

5. Mobile Casinos

  • 5.1. Market Dynamics, Key Players & Trends
  • 5.2. Mobile Casino Adoption
  • 5.3. Average Mobile Casino Wager
  • 5.4. Total Mobile Casino Stakes
  • 5.5. Mobile Casino Gross Win

6. Mobile Lotteries

  • 6.1. Market Dynamics, Key Players & Trends
  • 6.2. Mobile Lottery Adoption
  • 6.3. Average Mobile Lottery Wager
  • 6.4. Total Mobile Lottery Stakes
  • 6.5. Mobile Lottery Gross Win

7. Mobile Betting & Exchange Betting

  • 7.1. Market Dynamics, Key Players and Trends
  • 7.2. Mobile Betting Adoption
  • 7.3. Average Mobile Betting Wager
  • 7.4. Total Mobile Betting Stakes
  • 7.5. Mobile Betting Gross Win
  • 7.6. Mobile Exchange Betting Adoption
  • 7.7. Average Monthly Exchange Betting Wager
  • 7.8. Total Mobile Exchange Betting Stakes
  • 7.9. Mobile Exchange Betting Gross Win
  • 7.10. Mobile Betting and Mobile Exchange Betting Gross Win

8. The Competitive Landscape

  • 8.1.Landscape
  • 8.2. Analysis
  • 8.3. Profiles
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