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Retail mCommerce: Mobile & Tablet Marketing, Advertising & Coupon Strategies 2013-2017

Fully Revised Forecast Suite

Impact of mobile & tablets on retail marketing

Couponing, advertising & augmented reality

This third edition of Juniper's report into Retail Marketing on mobile devices provides an in-depth analysis of retailer strategies within the mobile and tablet environment and assesses the opportunities presented by two critical arenas in the mobile commerce space: couponing and advertising. It includes an updated set of forecasts, value chain and ecosystem analysis, key trends and case studies. This new study provides an invaluable guide to anyone seeking to work within the mobile retail space.

What This Report Covers

The report explores the changing consumer mobile experience and how this is impacting on mobile's role within multichannel retail marketing, focusing on key issues such as the emergence of the consumer tablet and the possibilities offered by AR (augmented reality). It provides an analysis of mobile's impact on both retail shopping channels and the mobile couponing ecosystem, assessing how the challenges and opportunities facing players have evolved, and highlighting the drivers and constraints that will shape the marketplace of tomorrow.

Expert analysis is backed up by interviews with and commentaries from leading players across the mobile marketing value chain, including BuzzCity, Eagle Eye, Greystripe, Hipcricket, Opera, Telmap, Valassis and Velti. It also includes a series of strategic recommendations designed to enable agencies, brands, retailers, couponing aggregators and operators to maximise their opportunity in this fast evolving market.

Market Forecasts

This report brings together in a single volume the key forecasts from Juniper Research's Mobile Coupons and Mobile Advertising reports, including:

  • Mobile/Tablet Coupon users
  • Mobile Coupons issued and redeemed
  • Coupon Redemption values
  • Total Mobile Adspend
  • Mobile Adspend per device

Coupon Redemption values and adpsend are also combined to provide the total value of the mobile retail marketing space.

Key Questions

  • 1. How much will mobile retail marketing be worth by 2017?
  • 2. What strategies should players across the value chain employ to maximise their opportunities in mobile retail?
  • 3. How has NFC been utilised in the couponing space?
  • 4. What are the key constraints on mobile couponing deployments and adoption?
  • 5. Which markets offers the greatest medium-term potential for mobile couponing?
  • 6. What strategies should brands employ to optimise the success of mobile campaigns?
  • 7. What are the primary distribution channels for mobile advertising?
  • 8. How will mobile advertising adapt to the rise of the tablet?
  • 9. What is the advertising potential of location-based technologies?
  • 10. Who are the major players in the mobile retail space?

Companies Referenced

Interviewed: 2ergo, Amobee, BuzzCity, Eagle Eye, Greystripe, Hipcricket, InMobi, Mobilistar, NCH, Opera Software Group, Proxama, Telmap, Valassis, Velti

Profiled: 4th Screen Advertising, Amazon, AT&T, Blippar, Digby, eBay, Facebook, Fetch Media, Foursquare, Hipcricket, Jumptap / Vibram, Nike Branded Apps, O2, Scanbuy, Shopkick, ShopSavvy, Target, Telenor, Telia Denmark, Time Warner Cable, Total Immersion

Mentioned: 1-800 Flowers.com, 7-Eleven, Adelya, Adfonic, AdMarvel, Admob, AKQA, Alcatel, American Airlines, American Eagle Outfitters, Apple, Argos, Augme Technologies Inc, Autotrader, Babies ‘R' Us, Barclaycard, Belle Tire, Best Buy, Brooks Brothers, Cabela's, Cadbury, Chennai, Clear Channel, Coca Cola, CodeBroker, Columbia Records, Commidea, Costco, COUPIES, Crate and Barrel, Debenhams, Diageo, Direct Line, Dish, Disney, Domino's, Eagle Eye, Equinox, Fandango, FHM, Gap, Golfsmith, Google, Green Flag, Groupon, H&M, Heinz, hoppr, Hotels.com, Ingenico, InMobi, ITN, ITV, JCPenny, KFC, Kraft, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Live Nation/Ticketmaster, Lowe's, Lucidity Mobile, Lufthansa, Luup International, Macy's, McDonald's, Metro Herald, MillerCoors, MLB, Mobclix, Mobestream Media, Mobile Interactive Group, Natwest, Nearbuy Systems, Nestle, Nokia, NTT DoCoMo, Ocado, Orange, Orvis, PayPal, PETCO, Proctor & Gamble, Quattro Wireless, Raiffeisen Bank, RedPlum, Samsung, Save, Sega, Simon Property Group, SingTel, SK Telecom, SkyScanner, Somo, Sprint, Starbucks, Tagtile, TapBot, Target, Telecom Italia, Tesco, The Guardian, The Home Depot, The Sports Authority, The Sun, The Wet Seal, TRUSTe, TheTrainline.com, T-Mobile, Toys ‘R' Us, Turkcell, Twitter, TwtQpon, Ugg Australia, Unilever, United, Valpak, Velti, VeriFone, Verizon, Vivitech, Vodafone, Vouchercloud, Waitrose, Walgreens, Warner Bros, West Elm, Wrigley's, Xbox, Yellow Pages, Yowza!

Extra Info

8 key regions includes:

North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, Far East & China, Indian Subcontinent, Rest of Asia Pacific and Africa & Middle East.

Author Profile

Dr. Windsor Holden is Research Director with Juniper Research. He has authored more than 40 full length reports for Juniper Research, including four editions of its much heralded Mobile Entertainment series.

Windsor has extensive experience in consultancy: he has led bespoke market sizing and forecast projects for a wide variety of Juniper Research clients, and has conducted due diligence on a mobile content aggregator for a leading financial institution. Windsor has a PhD from the University of Leeds and is also a former Research Fellow of the Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • ES1. Introduction
  • ES2. Mobile Coupons
  • ES3. Mobile Advertising
  • ES4. Mobile Retail Marketing Forecasts
  • ES5. Recommendations

1. Mobile Retail Marketing Defined

  • 1.1. Introduction: The Mobile as Retail “Hub”
    • 1.1.1. Report Scope
  • 1.2. Mobile Commerce
    • Figure 1.1: Mobile Commerce Market Segmentation
    • 1.2.1. Mobile Payments
    • 1.2.2. Mobile Retail Marketing
      • Figure 1.2: The Retail Customer Journey
    • 1.2.3. Mobile Coupons & Vouchers and Mobile Loyalty
  • 1.3. The Mobile Phone as a Retail Channel
  • 1.4. The Changing Customer Mobile Experience
    • Figure 1.3: Driving and Enabling Mobile Retail: Mobile Broadband and Smart Device Growth, 2007-2012 (m)
    • Table 1.1: Driving and Enabling Mobile Retail: Mobile Broadband and Smart Device Growth, 2007-2012 (m)
    • 1.4.1. The Mobile Retail Channel
      • Figure 1.4: The Mobile Device in the Retail Customer Journey
      • Figure 1.5: Mobile Location Services Applied to Retail
    • 1.4.2. The State of Multichannel Retail Marketing
      • Table 1.2: Google/Ipsos Smartphone User Study - Multichannel Retail Purchase Process
    • 1.4.3. Recent Trends in the Mobile Retail Experience
      • i. e Commerce is Migrating to a Mobile/Nomadic Environment
        • Figure 1.6: mCommerce vs ‘Fixed' eCommerce (%), Split by 8 Key Regions, 2017
        • Table 1.3: mCommerce vs ‘Fixed' eCommerce ($m), Split by 8 Key Regions, 2017
      • ii. The Rising Profile of the Tablet as an eCommerce/mCommerce Vehicle
      • iii. Brands are beginning to Embrace AR
        • a. Case Study: Total Immersion
          • Figure 1.7: TryLive Eyewear
        • b. Case Study: Blippar
          • Figure 1.8: Wrigley's 5 Gum Blipp
      • iv. Mobile POS
        • Figure 1.9: AisleBuyer Mobile App
  • 1.5. The Mobile Retail Market
    • 1.5.1. The Evolution of the Mobile Retail Market
      • Figure 1.10: Mobile Retail Market Evolution
    • 1.5.2. Mobile Retail Marketing Forecasts
      • Figure 1.11: The Mobile Retail Marketing Opportunity ($m) Split by Coupons & Advertising 2012-2017
      • Table 1.4: The Mobile Retail Marketing Opportunity ($m) Split by Coupons & Advertising 2012-2017
      • Figure 1.12: The Mobile Retail Marketing Opportunity ($m) Split by 8 Key Regions 2012-2017
      • Table 1.5: The Mobile Retail Marketing Opportunity ($m) Split by 8 Key Regions 2012-2017

2. The Mobile Retail Value Chain

  • 2.1. eCommerce & mCommerce Players
    • 2.1.1. eBay Mobile
      • Figure 2.1: eBay Mobile Transaction Volumes ($m), By Billing Mechanism, 2008-2012
      • a. Developing the “couch commerce” revenue opportunity
    • 2.1.2. Amazon
      • Figure 2.2: Amazon Mobile Shopping
  • 2.2. Mobile Marketing Agencies & Loyalty Specialists
    • 2.2.1. 4th Screen Advertising
    • 2.2.2. Fetch Media
    • 2.2.3. Hipcricket
  • 2.3. Smartphone App Developers
    • 2.3.1. ShopSavvy
      • Figure 2.3 ShopSavvy
    • 2.3.2. Digby
    • 2.3.3. Shopkick
      • Figure 2.4: ShopKick Store Hardware
  • 2.4. Mobile POS Vendors
    • 2.4.1. Square
      • Figure 2.5: Square Card Reader
  • 2.5. Retailers & Merchants
    • 2.5.1. Heal's & Digby (UK)
      • Figure 2.6: Heal's Mobile Site
    • 2.5.2. Target
  • 2.6. Mobile Network Operators
    • 2.6.1. AT&T and Digby
    • 2.6.2. Telenor, Telia Denmark and Scanbuy
  • 2.7. Analysis
    • 2.7.1. Retail Shopping Channel
      • Figure 2.7: Retail Shopping Channels
      • Figure 2.8: Retail Shopping Channels - Impact of Mobile
    • 2.7.2. Mobile Retail Players
      • Figure 2.9: Mobile Retail Players

3. Mobile Coupons: Market Development Trends & Forecasts

  • 3.1. Introduction
  • 3.2. The Mobile Coupon in Context
    • Figure 3.1: Mobile Coupon Roles
  • 3.3. The Mobile Coupon Ecosystem
    • Figure 3.2: Closed Loop Couponing
  • 3.4. Market Trends, Drivers and Constraints
    • Figure 3.3: Mobile Couponing Trends, Drivers & Constraints
    • 3.4.1. Trends in the Mobile Couponing Space
      • i. Market Consolidation
      • ii. From Passive to Interactive Consumer
      • iii. Location is Key
      • iv. Redemption Patterns are Shifting
      • v. Brands Leveraging the Retail Database
      • vi. Brands, Merchants and Retailers getting On-board
      • vii. Enter the Payments Providers
      • viii. Driving Towards User Loyalty
        • Figure 3.4: Google Wallet Home Screen
      • ix. Mobile Couponing Accelerating in Emerging Markets
    • 3.4.2. Driving Mobile Couponing
      • i. User Drivers
        • a. Economic Downturn
        • b. Convenience
        • c. Social Networking
      • ii. Technology Drivers
        • a. Passbook May Galvanise the Couponing Space
          • Figure 3.5: Passbook Coupons
        • b. The Rise of the Mobile Wallet
        • c. Smartphone Growth & User Experience
        • d. The Rise of the Mobile App
        • e. NFC Coupons
          • Figure 3.6: Proxama NFC Smartposter
        • f. Rise of A2P SMS
        • g. Enhanced Security
      • iii. Retail/Marketing Drivers
        • a. Paper & Online Coupon Dissatisfaction
        • b. Media Fragmentation is Reducing Campaign Reach
        • c. Mobile Coupons Drive Retail Footfall and Brand Engagement
        • d. Cost Savings & Environmental Benefits
        • e. Proximity Marketing
        • f. Multiple Channel Synergies
        • g. High Rates of Malredemption in Traditional Couponing
        • h. Instant Campaigns
        • i. Smart Targeting
          • Figure 3.7: Kiip Game Reward
          • Figure 3.8: Coupon Targeting Platform Example
        • j. Smart Offers
        • k. Higher Redemption Rates
    • 3.4.3. Constraints on the Mobile Couponing Opportunity
      • i. User Constraints
      • ii. Technology Constraints
        • Figure 3.9: The NFC Consumer Journey
      • iii. Marketing Constraints
  • 3.5. Mobile Coupon Market Forecast
    • 3.5.1. Mobile Coupon User Base
      • Figure 3.10: Mobile Coupon User Base (m) Split by 8 Key Regions 2012-2017
      • Table 3.1: Mobile Coupon User Base (m) Split by 8 Key Regions 2012-2017
    • 3.5.2. Mobile Coupons Issued By Mobile Marketing Channel
      • Figure 3.11: Mobile Coupons Issued (%) Split by Mobile Marketing Channel 2012-2017
      • Table 3.2: Mobile Coupons Issued (%) Split by Mobile Marketing Channel 2012-2017
    • 3.5.3. Total Number of Mobile Coupons Redeemed
      • Figure 3.12: Number of Mobile Coupons Redeemed Per Annum (m) Split by 8 Key Regions 2012-2017
      • Table 3.3: Number of Mobile Coupons Redeemed Per Annum (m) Split by 8 Key Regions 2012-2017
    • 3.5.4. Total Mobile Coupon Redemption Value
      • Figure 3.13: Total Mobile Coupon Retail Redemption Value ($m) Split by 8 Key Regions 2012-2017
      • Table 3.4: Total Mobile Coupon Retail Redemption Value ($m) Split by 8 Key Regions 2012-2017
    • 3.5.5. Redemption Rate
      • Table 3.5: Mobile Coupons Redeemed (%) Split by Mobile Marketing Channel 2012-2017
      • Table 3.6: Mobile Coupon Redemption Rate (%) Split by 8 Key Regions 2012-2017

4. Mobile Advertising: Campaigns & Market Forecast

  • 4.1. Introduction
  • 4.2. Categorising Mobile Advertising
    • 4.2.1. Types of Advertising
      • Figure 4.1: Types of Mobile Advertising
    • 4.2.2. Mobile Advertising Channels
      • Figure 4.2: Mobile Advertising Channels
      • i. Message Based Advertising
        • a. SMS Advertising
        • b. MMS Messaging
        • c. Targeting Advertising Messages
      • ii. In-Content Advertising
        • a. Case Study: Nike Branded apps
          • Figure 4.3: Nike Training Club
          • Figure 4.4: Nike+
        • b. Case Study: Google AdWords
          • Figure 4.5: AdWords App Targeting
      • iii. Mobile Internet Advertising
        • a. Case Study: Jumptap/Vibram
          • Figure 4.6: Vibram Expandable Banner Campaign
        • b. Case Study: Time Warner Cable
          • Figure 4.7: Time Warner Cable Campaign
      • iv. Ringback Tone Advertising
      • v. Idle Screen Advertising
  • 4.3. Trends in the Mobile Advertising Market
    • 4.3.1. Rich Media Ads Are Becoming Richer
      • Figure 4.8: Examples of Rich Media Ads on Yahoo!'s Australian Display Network
    • 4.3.2. The Evolution of the Ad Technologies
      • Figure 4.9: Augmented Reality Example
    • 4.3.3. The Rise of Analytics
    • 4.3.4. Consolidation of the Market
      • Figure 4.10: Consolidation in the Mobile Advertising Market
  • 4.4. What is Driving Mobile Advertising?
    • Figure 4.11: US Internet Advertising Spends ($bn) 2002 - 2011
    • Figure 4.12: Comparing Ad Units on Tablets and Smartphones
    • Table 4.1: Relative Reach of UK Media 2011
  • 4.5. Constraints on Mobile Advertising
    • Figure 4.13: Hardware/Software Versions of Apple's iPhone
  • 4.6. The UDID Problem
    • 4.6.1. What is a UDID?
  • 4.7. The Market for Mobile Advertising
    • Figure 4.14: Total Mobile Advertising Spend ($m) Split by 8 Key Regions 2012 - 2017
    • Table 4.2: Total Mobile Advertising Spend ($m) Split by 8 Key Regions 2012 - 2017
    • Figure 4.15: Adspend ($) Per Mobile/Nomadic Device per Annum Split by 8 Key Regions 2012-2017
    • Table 4.3: Adspend ($) Per Mobile/Nomadic Device Per Annum Split by 8 Key Regions 2012-2017
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