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Global light vehicle turbochargers market- forecasts to 2029

The turbocharger market is unique amongst automotive components as a whole because new suppliers are entering an established market. It is very unusual for an established automotive technology to see entirely new entrants joining the fray. In most component sectors, barriers to entry are high, both in terms of technology experience and embedded customer relationships which can be especially difficult to dislodge. However, the turbocharger market is something of an exception to this rule, as the technology is evolving and has in parallel started to move from being an optional item, fitted largely at the top of the market, to something approaching a standard fit item.

Based on exclusive interviews, primary research and proprietary data this global market study includes:

  • Automotive OE turbocharger fitment and market size data for the world's top 14 markets
  • A review of the latest technological developments and market trends (including materials, electronic controls, manifold integration, multi-stage and linked dual systems, thermal management, turbine geometry, twin scroll turbochargers and many VM case studies)
  • Regional supplier market share data tables and commentary
  • Exclusive interviews with suppliers including Torotrak and Valeo (news and interviews only available in QUBE) 
  • Updated profiles of the major automotive turbocharger suppliers including their strategies and prospects
  • A sector PESTER analysis

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    • Turbochargers - what they do and how they do it
    • Global and regional patterns of turbocharger use
    • New suppliers entering the market
    • Significant growth potential recognised by established suppliers
    • Trends in turbocharger use
    • Threats to turbocharger use
    • Technical trends and outlook
    • Regulatory and industry background
  2. Companies
  3. Markets
    • Growth drivers and technical challenges according to Honeywell
    • Turbocharger supplier market shares
  4. Technologies
    • Turbochargers - how they work and their evolution
    • Superchargers - how they work and in comparison to turbochargers
    • Turbochargers or superchargers?
    • Technical developments and innovation
    • Turbocharged engine case studies
  5. Forecasts

List of tables

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