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Global heavy trucks market

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Truck manufacturing is a relatively small segment within the automotive industry as a whole but it is one that acts as something a bellwether for the world's economies. The bulk of industrial and consumer goods that we all depend upon will have been transported by truck at some point in time. The transportation of freight of all kinds is a commercially-driven activity where intense competition results in narrow margins and low profitability for both manufacturers and operators. Not surprising then that in the past few years we have seen the industry consolidate and adjust its manufacturing footprint on a global scale to bring it more into line with reduced demand levels around the world. Many of the truck producers have been forced to look beyond truck manufacturing for profitability. Aftermarket sales, financial services and a diversified product portfolio are all being developed with trucks themselves often being sold as a loss-leader.

Based on exclusive interviews, primary research and proprietary data this global market study includes:

  • Heavy truck market size estimates (market sales) for the top countries
  • A review of the latest manufacturing developments and market trends (including active safety, biofuels, emissions, fuel economy, hybrids, selective catalytic reduction, exhaust gas recirculation)
  • Manufacturer sales and production estimates and forecasts
  • Profiles of the major truck manufacturers including their strategies and prospects
  • A sector PESTER analysis 

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    • Definitions
  2. PESTER analysis
  3. Companies
  4. Markets
    • China
    • Europe
    • India
    • Japan
    • Russia
    • South America
    • The North American Free Trade Agreement markets (NAFTA)
    • World production of trucks over GVW 6 tonnes
  5. Technologies
    • Active safety
    • Biofuels
    • Emissions
    • Fuel economy
    • Hybrids
    • Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) versus enhanced exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)

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