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Global light vehicle transmissions and clutches market- forecasts to 2029

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The global transmissions market has changed rapidly in the recent past. The requirement for greater fuel efficiency in particular has brought a great deal of dynamism to the global transmission market. This dynamism is reflected in both the types of transmission that are finding favour and the number of forward gears employed. These overarching trends are also meshed with different regional preferences for transmission type that continue to prevail.

Based on exclusive interviews, primary research and proprietary data this global market study includes:

  • Automotive OE transmissions (manual, automated manual, automatic, dual-clutch, continuously variable) fitment and market size data
  • A review of the latest technological developments and market trends (conventional step, continuously variable, infinitely variable, dual-clutch, manual, automated, hybrids, clutch management systems, disconnect clutches)
  • Exclusive interviews with OE suppliers and VMs including Land Rover, Torotrak, Camcon Automotive, Mazda, ZF Friedrichshafen, BorgWarner (news and interviews only available in QUBE)
  • Updated profiles of the major automotive transmission suppliers including their strategies and prospects
  • A sector PESTER analysis
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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    • Cost vs weight comparisons of different transmissions
    • The significance of the spread of gear ratios
  2. PESTER analysis
    • PESTER analysis for transmissions
  3. Companies
    • Supplier and manufacturer analysis
    • Aisin Seiki
    • BorgWarner
    • GETRAG
    • Jatco
    • ZF
    • Clutch companies
  4. Markets
    • Transmission market overview
    • Technologies
    • Clutch technologies
  5. Forecasts
    • Manual transmissions
    • Automatic transmissions
    • DCTs - dual-clutch transmissions
    • AMTs - automated manual transmissions
    • CVTs - continuously-variable transmissions

List of Tables

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