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World Vaccines Market 2013-2023

World Vaccines Market 2013-2023 provides independent research and analysis. There you get competitive intelligence found only in our work, finding where the money lies. Explore progress and possibilities.

The rise of H7N9 influenza in 2013 shows how pandemic flu creates needs. Also, the therapeutic vaccines segment has a strong R&D pipeline. It holds over 20 late-stage candidates for solid-tumour cancers and other chronic diseases. Find promising research.

Besides revenue forecasting to 2023, our new study gives you historical data, recent results, growth rates, and market shares. There you will find original analysis, with business outlooks and developments (R&D). You also get two interviews, 50 charts, and 91 tables.

Find individual forecasts for four submarkets at the world level:

  • Paediatric products
  • Influenza treatments
  • Adult prophylactic agents
  • Therapeutic vaccines.

Our analyses show you individual revenue forecasts to 2023 for 11 national markets:

  • United States (US)
  • Japan
  • Germany, France, UK, Italy, and Spain (EU5)
  • Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC).

In particular, our report discusses these medical technologies:

  • Paediatric agents - protecting infants and children
  • Influenza vaccines for H5N1, H1N1, and H9N2
  • Prophylactic treatments, including those for meningitis, pneumonia, TB, diphtheria, Pertussis, tetanus, and rotaviruses
  • Protectors against dengue virus, anthrax, and other forms of bio-terrorism.
  • Vaccines for HIV, malaria, and bacteria
  • Prophylaxis in oncology - prostate, lung, and melanoma
  • Agents for renal, colorectal, and haematological cancers
  • Products for breast, pancreatic, ovarian, and brain cancers.

Developments for those immunological treatments hold strength, variety, and promise. See what's possible there for large pharmaceutical companies and biopharma specialists.

Visiongain is a trading partner with the US Federal Government.

Table of Contents

(The Following is a Condensed Version of the Original Table of Contents. To View the Complete Version, Please Request a Sample.)

1. Executive Summary

  • 1.1. Overview of Findings
  • 1.2. Chapters in the Report
  • 1.3. Research and Analysis Methods
  • 1.4. What Are Vaccines?

2. Overview of Vaccines Market, 2013-2023

  • 2.1. Vaccines Market to Continue to Perform Strongly to 2023
  • 2.2. Paediatric Vaccines Remain Central to Market
  • 2.3. What Diseases and Technologies Drive the Market in 2013?
  • 2.4. Pfizer's Prevnar Leads the Market in 2013
  • 2.5. Top Three Companies Held 52% of Market in 2012

3. Paediatric Vaccines Segment, 2013-2023

  • 3.1. Segment to Lose Market Share, but Still Record Strong Growth
  • 3.2. Combinations Form Basis of Segment Revenues
  • 3.3. Prevnar Franchise Represents a Quarter of the Paediatric Segment's Total Value in 2012
  • 3.4. Summary: The Biggest Segment, but the Least Dynamic

4. Influenza Vaccines Segment, 2013-2023

  • 4.1. New Pandemics Offer Biggest Growth Opportunities to 2023
  • 4.2. Major Seasonal and Pandemic Vaccine Opportunities Remain
  • 4.3. Abbvie and AstraZeneca Among the Segment's Big Players
  • 4.4. Overview: High Innovation, Low Market-Entry Barriers, High Volumes of Product Needed

5. Adult Prophylactic Vaccines Segment, 2013-2023

  • 5.1. Prevnar Approval to Boost the Segment to 2023
  • 5.2. Routine Adult Vaccination to Become a Reality by 2023?
  • 5.3. Gardasil Represented Nearly a Fifth of Segment Revenues in 2012
  • 5.4. Overview: Extensive Pipeline, but Adult Immunisation Still Needs to Become More Widely Established

6. Therapeutic Vaccines Segment, 2013-2023

  • 6.1. The Fastest-Growing Segment to 2023
  • 6.2. The Future for Vaccines R&D?
  • 6.3. Anti-Allergy Vaccines Make Up Bulk of Segment in 2012
  • 6.4. Overview: Huge Potential, but Little Market Success to Date

7. Leading National Vaccines Markets, 2013-2023

  • 7.1. US and EU5 Represent Over 70% of Market
  • 7.2. The US Remains the Foundation of the Global Market in 2013
  • 7.3. Strong Pro-Immunisation Stance in US
  • 7.4. EU5: Medical Need Vies with Austerity Economics
  • 7.5. Japan: Low Existing Coverage Means High Market Potential
  • 7.6. BRIC Nations: To Overtake EU5 in Market Share by 2023
  • 7.7. Rest of the World: Unmet Needs Remain

8. Qualitative Industry Analysis, 2013

  • 8.1. Vaccines Expand in Importance for Pharmaceutical Industry
  • 8.2. Weaknesses: Many Challenges in this Sector
  • 8.3. Opportunities: MRSA, HIV, and Other Unmet Needs Remain
  • 8.4. Threats: Cost-Effectiveness a Harder Sell for Governments
  • 8.5. Social Concerns: One of the Most Emotive Areas of Healthcare
  • 8.6. Technological Developments: New Delivery Systems, New Adjuvants, 2D Barcoding and Other Innovations
  • 8.7. Health Economics: 2700% Increase in Cost of Vaccinating a Child
  • 8.8. Political Issues: From Bio-Defence to Polio Eradication, Governments Hold the Key to the Market

9. Research Interviews, 2013

  • 9.1. Interview with Dr. Louis J. Picker, Oregon Health and Science University
  • 9.2. Interview with Tamar Ben-Yedidia, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, and Tanya Gottlieb, PhD, Business Development, BiondVax Pharmaceuticals

10. Conclusions

  • 10.1. Vaccines Market Remains on Course for Steady Growth to 201
  • 10.2. Sales Growth to Be Sustained 2018-2023
  • 10.3. Adult Segment to Grow Twice as Fast as Paediatric Segment
  • 10.4. Therapeutic Vaccines to Gain Importance from 2018-2023
  • 10.5. Market Remains Heavily Consolidated
  • 10.6. Blockbuster Products Lead the Way; Scope in Developing World
  • 10.7. Rich Pipeline, Particularly in Therapeutic Vaccines
  • 10.8. Concluding Remarks

List of Tables and Figures

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