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The Active Optical Cable Market Analysis & Forecast Report

This report examines the rapidly emerging product segment that embeds optical transceiver technologies into enclosed cables that hide the high-speed optics behind two transceiver ends with an electrical interconnect presented to the outside. This factor enables creating very high speed and high aggregate data rate links at costs significantly below that of two separate connectorized transceivers and fibers.

This report presents data on annual AOC shipments, revenues, average selling prices for 2007-2012 and forecasts the market for 2013-2018. It analyzes technologies, market trends, protocol transitions, data rates, MSAs for InfiniBand, Ethernet and other protocols as well as potential applications of AOCs in disk and SSD storage and interconnects using SAS and PCI Express AOCs.

Additional analysis is included for the emerging Video and Consumer AOC segment using HDMI, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt and USB.

The report is based on confidential sales information and detailed analysis of publicly available data released by leading component and equipment manufacturers along with considerable input from industry experts.

Total report length: 157 Pages Includes an Excel Database.

Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents
  • Abstract
  • Report Objective
  • Research Methodology
  • Report Organization

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Summary of Key Issues and Changes in 2012 & Outlook for 2013-2018

  • 2012 Action - Key Industry, Market, Company and Product Changes
    • 2012 Market Size & Overview
    • What's Driving the Market Growth? 5G and 10G are the Tipping Points
    • Recent Product Actions
    • Recent Company Actions - AOC Acquisitions Change the AOC and Transceiver Competitive Landscape
  • 2013 Outlook and Predictions Summary
  • 2014-2018

Chapter 2: AOCs Gain Strong Foothold in HPC InfiniBand - Other Segments Now Emerging

  • Introduction
  • AOC Market Expands
  • Buyer Motivations
  • AOCs Find a Home for Advanced Photonics
  • ‘AOC engines' enable creation of new products: EOMs, Hybrids, Backplane Interconnects
  • The AOC Business
    • InfiniBand & HPC Are the Main Market Today
  • The Top AOC Customers: The Top 500 HPC Computers
    • Building a large HPC Cluster (a.k.a. Supercomputer)
  • Good InfiniBand AOC Opportunities in Mid-range HPC Clusters
    • HPC Storage Systems use InfiniBand and AOCs
  • Commercial Data Centers
    • 10G at the Server
    • 40G and 100G at the Server
    • The data center problems
    • RDMA going beyond InfiniBand (So what is RoCE?)
    • Impact of Data Center Infrastructure
    • Some Cloud Computing Data Centers now use InfiniBand
    • Enter the “Data Appliance” Market
    • Mega Data centers and 100Gs 2Km Issue
    • Enter Video AOCs
    • Enter Consumer optics

Chapter 3: AOC Features, Benefits and Technologies

  • AOC Advantages From The Buyers Perspective
    • Power Consumption Becomes a Significant Issue - Operational Expenses
  • AOC Advantages from the Manufacturer's Perspective
    • Closing Off Photonics to the Outside World
    • Integration and Manufacturing Innovation Reduce Optoelectronics Costs
    • Introduction of Advanced Technologies: Photonic Integration and WDM AOCs
    • Silicon Photonics-based AOCs Enable Very Fast Modulation
    • AOCs will enable Inexpensive, short-medium reach WDM

Chapter 4: AOC Products, MSAs, & Protocols

  • AOC Transceiver MSAs
    • Changes in 2012-2013 and Coming Soon
    • CX4
    • QSFP+
    • SFP+
    • CXP
    • Mini SAS HD
    • PCI Express x4 and x8
    • CDFP for 400G!
  • AOC Product Configurations
    • Hybrid AOCs
    • Breakout AOCs
    • Half- AOCs
    • Data Striping with AOCs
  • AOCs - Protocols & Road Maps
    • InfiniBand AOCs - Dominate Today
    • Ethernet AOCs - The Next Big Thing?
    • Fibre Channel AOCs
    • Cabled SAS AOCs? Perhaps for Big Storage
    • SAS 101
    • PCI Express AOCs
    • Telecom, Military, Scientific

Chapter 5: AOC Competitive Landscape

  • Changes in 2012 and Expected in 2013
  • The Entire AOC Supplier and Buyer Landscape Restructured in 2010 & 2011
  • Consolidations in InfiniBand Silicon, Adapters and Switching Systems
  • Big Connector/Cabling Companies Bought Up AOC Startups & Business Units
  • AOCs Are Now Supplied By Multi-Billion Dollar Suppliers
  • China Impacts AOC Market in Unexpected Ways - Sets Off Wave of Low-Cost AOC Asian
  • Manufacturing
  • If You Want the Whole AOC History Lesson.....
  • AOC Suppliers
    • 3M Interconnect Solutions
    • 10Gtek Transceivers Co., Inc.
    • Advanced Photonics, Inc.
    • Amphenol High-Speed Interconnects
    • Avago Technologies
    • Centera Photonics
    • Corning
    • ConnPro Industries, Inc.
    • Eoptolink
    • FCI
    • Finisar
    • Fujikura
    • GigaLight
    • HG Genuine
    • Hitachi Cable
    • InnoLight
    • Mellanox/Kotura
    • Molex/Luxtera
    • rhoptics (RuiHua Optics LLC)
    • Samtec/AlpenIO
    • Siemon Interconnect Solutions
    • Sopto
    • Sumitomo/Emcore
    • TE Connectivity
    • UNIconn Corp.
    • Volex
    • Venture Funded Start-ups
      • AOC Subassembly, Electronics and Other Suppliers

Chapter 6: Forecast and Analysis

  • Issues that will Fuel AOC Market Growth
  • Issues That Will Limit AOC Market Growth
  • Forecast by Protocol
    • AOCs by Protocol
    • AOC by Protocol Analysis
    • Direct Attach copper - Active and Passive
    • BASE-T
  • Unit Shipments Forecast and Analysis
    • What has Changed from our March 2012 AOC Forecast?
    • 14G steals share from other Data Rates
    • Analyzing the 4x Shipment Data
    • Analyzing the 12x Shipment Data
    • No 8x & 16x Shipment Data?
  • Pricing Forecast and Analysis
    • Analyzing the 4x Pricing Data
    • Analyzing the 12x Pricing Data
  • Revenue Forecast and Analysis

Chapter 7: “Pro Consumer” and Consumer AOCs

  • Commercial Video AOCs for Digital Signage, Professional Video, etc.
    • Strong Competition from Copper
    • Trends in Favor of AOC Technology
    • Applications
    • Will Digital Signage be a large market for AOCs?
    • Professional Video
    • AOCs in Zero Client PC Applications?
    • Product Requirements
    • Analysis
    • HDMI and DisplayPort Video Interconnects 101
  • Consumer and “Pro Consumer” Optic AOCs
    • Laptop/Tablet -to-HDTV -The Big Unknown
    • Real Market Need or Wishful Thinking?
    • Optical HDMI vs 1.4 at 10.2Gbps
    • Optical DisplayPort and Thunderbolt
    • PCI Express OCuLink
    • Optical USB 3.0 at 5 Gbps
    • HDBaseT (HDBT)
    • DIIVA - Digital Interactive Interface for Video and Audio at 13.5 Gbps
  • Forecast
  • The AOC Analysis and Forecast Methodology
    • Why The AOC Business is Unpredictable
    • Research Methodology
  • Appendix 1: AOC History and Technology Development
  • Market Hype and Distortions Created Unrealistic Expectations
  • How AOCs Got Started
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