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The Expanding Formulation and Delivery Market in China

Lux Research sees an increasingly self-sufficient and self-sustaining biopharma market in China. Business models and value chains are evolving away from low cost manufacturing for export into servicing the China market itself. Evidence of increasing velocity of expansion and acquisition deals are detailed in this report along with increasing innovation and development of local formulation and delivery technology companies within China, some of whom rival their western counterparts in terms of technology sophistication and market reach. This report details comparison of such companies along with notable deals and trends.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Landscape
    • Status of the Global Formulation and Delivery field
    • The Current Formulation and Delivery Landscape
    • Landscape Conclusions
  • Analysis
    • Government Led Investments in China Formulation and Delivery companies
      • About the NSTMP
    • The Emerging China Formulation and Delivery Ecosystem
      • Investments channeling into China F/D
      • Global activities congregate in China
    • China-based Formulation and delivery companies leverage local resources and market knowledge to compete
      • Comparison of select companies from various regions focusing in Drug Delivery Devices
      • Comparison of select companies from various regions focusing on Formulation-based Delivery Technologies
  • Outlook
  • Methodology
    • Lux Methodology for Analyzing and Comparing Companies
      • Drug-delivery Companies' Performance Is Measurable
      • Company Position Depends on Performance in Three Dimensions
  • About Lux Research
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