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Hybrid Home Networks: Wired Plus Wireless

This publication has been discontinued on May 9, 2015.

Worldwide wired home networking node shipments will grow by nearly 272.5% from 2011 to 2016, representing a 30.1% CAGR over the period. Several main factors will drive explosive growth for the market, but service provider deployments and embedded home networking technologies in a plethora of consumer devices will be the main keys to market growth. In addition, a number of technology innovations will make it easier for consumers to take advantage of the benefits offered by a hybrid home network, containing both wired and wireless solutions.

Whereas MoCA will be the leading wired home networking technology in North America over the forecast period, Western and Eastern Europe, and the Asia Pacific region will be led by deployments of HomePlug. However, the rapid growth of in the Asia Pacific market, after its trials and commercial launch in 2012, promises to propel to become a major competitor to HomePlug and other technologies over an extended forecast period beyond 2016.

Figure 1. Worldwide Wired Home Networking Nodes
Shipped by Technology, 2011-2016

Source: MRG, Inc.

Table of Contents

  • Hybrid Home Networks: Wired Plus Wireless
  • Executive Summary
  • Market Overview
  • The Hybrid Home Network
    • The History and Characteristics of Networking
    • Overview of Home Networking Technology .
      • HomePlug
      • Trends in HomePlug
      • MoCA
      • Trends in MoCA
      • HomePNA
      • Trends in HomePNA
      • HomeGrid
      • The Next Generation of Home Networking
  • Consumer Market Drivers for the Next Generation Home Network
    • What Consumers Need from Home Networking
    • The Consumer Perspective of Digital Multimedia
      • More Devices are Smart and Connected
      • More Devices in the Household Trigger the Network Effect
      • Advances in Device Software and Applications
      • Increase in Broadband Throughput Feeds the Home Network
      • The Bandwidth Substitution Effect
      • Online Content, Applications and Services Tie it All Together
  • Consumer-Based Challenges in Home Networking
    • Home Networking Requirements
    • Consumer Purchasing Decisions
    • Network Installation and Management
  • Home Network Innovations and Deployment Strategies
    • Home Network Interoperability and Compatibility
      • Enter IEEE P1905.1
    • Network Optimization and Remote Management
    • Other Home Networking Technology Features
    • Potential Home Networking Development Strategies
  • Home Networking Forecast and Segmentation
    • Home Networking Market Forecast by Technology
    • Home Networking Market Forecast by Region
    • Regional Breakdown
  • Conclusion

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