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China's E-Commerce Landscape: What You Need to Know About Selling Online in China

This publication has been discontinued on May 9, 2015.


China's e-commerce transaction volume will reach US$1.3 trillion by the end of 2012 - is your company ready to benefit?

Companies focused exclusively on selling products to Chinese consumers through brick and mortar stores are missing out on a tremendous new channel to reach hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers who reside outside of major cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Establishing an online sales presence in China requires varying levels of investment depending on your strategy. Some companies can benefit from partnering with established Chinese players like Alibaba Group's Tmall or, while other companies face significantly higher upfront costs to build their own online storefronts in order to have more control of their brand. Regardless of which path you choose, this report arms you with critical information to better understand China's e-commerce landscape and inform your China e-commerce strategy going into 2013.

This research provides China's roadmap for ecommerce and is particularly focused on online shopping. Forecasts are provided for China's ecommerce market transaction volume, the changing distribution of China's ecommerce market segments, China's online shopping market transaction volume (compared with the US), and online shoppers in China. Also presented are market shares for major Chinese B2C and C2C players, demographics on China's online shoppers, channels and case studies.

The deliverable is comprised of a PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheet.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Overview of Ecommerce in China

  • China Ecommerce's 14-Year Roadmap
  • China's Ecommerce Market Growth
  • China's Ecommerce Market Breakdown
  • Find your focus - China's online shopping boom

Chapter 2: China's Online Shopping Boom

  • Navigate China's Online Shopping Landscape
  • 1. How Big Is China's Online Shopping Market?
  • 2. Market Breakdown: the Rising B2C Curve
  • 3. Major Players
  • Understand Online Consumers in China
  • 1. How many Chinese are buying Online?
  • 2. Who are China's online consumers?
  • 3. How Do Chinese Online Consumers Buy?

Chapter 3: How TO Sell Online in China

  • Understanding the 3 Types of Online Channels in China
  • Choosing the right online channel
  • Choose the right online channels by featured category
  • Case Studies

List of Tables

  • Table 1. China's Ecommerce Market Transaction Volume 2008-2015E
  • Table 2. Changing Distribution of China's Ecommerce Market Segments 2008-2015E
  • Table 3. Online Shopping Market Transaction Volume 2008-2015E (China vs U.S.)
  • Table 4. Structural Changes of China's Online Shopping Market Transaction Volume 2009-2015E
  • Table 5. Market Share of China B2C Players Q3 2012 (Based on of B2C Transaction volume)
  • Table 6. Market Share of China's C2C Players 2011-2012 (Based on of C2C Transaction volume)
  • Table 7. Number of Online Shoppers in China 2009-2015E (in Millions)
  • Table 8. China's Online Shoppers Age Distribution (Compared to Overall Chinese Internet Users)
  • Table 9. China's Online Shoppers'Distribution By Gender (Overall and Major Shopping Categories)
  • Table 10. Online Shopping Penetration of China's 7 Regions
  • Table 11. China Online Shopper Income Distribution
  • Table 12. Popularity of Online Shopping Categories in China
  • Table 13. Online Shopping Spending Breakdown in China
  • Table 14. Major Payment Method Chinese Consumers Use 2010-2012E
  • Table 15. Key Players' Market Share of China Third Party Payment Market Transaction Volume Q3 2012
  • Table 16. Local Resources of Mainstream B2C Retailers in China
  • Table 17. Example of Popular B2C Retailers in Vertical Categories
  • Table 18. Percentage of "Clothing, Shoes & Accessories" Online Shoppers by Ecommerce Website
  • Table 19. Percentage of "Electronics & Computers" Online Shoppers by Ecommerce Website
  • Table 20. Percentage of "Home Appliances" Online Shoppers by Ecommerce Website
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