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Transparent Conductor Markets 2013


Efforts by Intel and especially Microsoft to bring touch to every laptop have suggested new opportunities for non-ITO TCs. Meanwhile, the continued rapid growth in tablet computing can only be regarded as a positive sign for TCs.

On the other hand, new ways of producing both touch panels and displays suggest that display OEMs may be using less TC material in the future. This report also analyzes important developments on the TC materials front and it takes a peek at what the next generation of transparent conductors will look like and how these materials will extend addressable markets.

For each of the applications covered there are breakouts of demand for ITO, other TCOs, ITO/TCO inks, carbon nanotube films, silver-based and cooper-based transparent conductors, other nanometallic transparent conductors and conductive polymers. Finally, the strategies of the leading TC firms are also assessed in the context of the latest market developments.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • E.1 What Has Changed Since Last Year?
    • E.1.1 Touch is the All-Important Opportunity: Windows 8 versus In-Cell and On-Cell
  • E.2 What the OLED Explosion Means for Transparent Conductor Makers
  • E.3 Flexible Panels: Waiting for Godot?
  • E.4 Will the LCD Industry Ever Open Up to Alternative Transparent Conductors?
  • E.5 Better Times Ahead for Selling Transparent Conductors into the PV Space?
  • E.6 Transparent Conductors: Materials and Companies to Watch
    • E.6.1 Metal Meshes: The Old Made New
    • E.6.2 Silver Nanowire Coatings: Becoming a Standard for an ITO Alternative
    • E.6.3 Still Hope for Carbon Nanotubes?
    • E.6.4 The Future of TCs: New Materials and Printing Perhaps
  • E.7 Summary of Eight-Year Market Forecasts For Transparent Conductor Markets

Chapter One: Introduction

  • 1.1 Background to this Report
  • 1.2 Objectives and Scope of this Report
  • 1.3 Methodology of this Report
  • 1.4 Plan of this Report

Chapter Two: Recent Technology and Market Trends for ITO

  • 2.1 Developments in the ITO Sector
  • 2.2 ITO and Flexibility Redux
  • 2.3 Evolution of the ITO Marketplace in the 2012-2013 Period
  • 2.4 Resistivity Issues and the Market
  • 2.5 A Thought Experiment on Why ITO Price Rises Matter
  • 2.6 Supply Chain Developments: ITO Glass
  • 2.7 Prospects for ITO Film Markets
  • 2.8 ITO Sputtering Target Markets
  • 2.9 Alternatives to Sputtering: Can ITO Inks Ever Make it To Market?
    • 2.9.1 ITO Inks
  • 2.10 Eight-Year Forecast of ITO Markets
  • 2.10.1 Forecast of ITO Inks
  • 2.10.2 Summary of ITO Forecasts by Type of ITO Product: Targets, Film and Coated Glass
  • 2.11 Key Points Made in this Chapter

Chapter Three: Other Transparent Conducting Oxides: New R&D, New Uses

  • 3.1 The Arguments for Non-ITO TCOs
  • 3.2 More TCOs for the Future?
  • 3.3 Are Other TCOs Really a Drop-In Replacement?
  • 3.4 Why Would PV Ever Leave TCOs?
  • 3.5 Eight-Year Forecast of Non-ITO Markets
  • 3.6 Key Points from this Chapter

Chapter Four: Markets for Metal-Based Materials as Transparent Conductors

  • 4.1 Evolution of Transparent Conductors Using Metals
  • 4.2 Metal Meshes
  • 4.3 Nanowire Solutions: Cambrios and the Others
  • 4.4 Are there Opportunities for Copper in the Transparent Conductor Market?
  • 4.5 Eight-Year Forecast of Metal Transparent Conductor Markets
  • 4.6 Key Points from this Chapter

Chapter Five: Markets for Other Transparent Conducting Materials

  • 5.1 Other Materials
  • 5.2 Conductive Polymers as Transparent Conductors: Recent Successes
  • 5.3 Carbon Nanotubes as Transparent Conductors: Loser?
  • 5.4 Graphene: Does it Stand a Chance in the Transparent Conductor Market?
  • 5.5 Other Developments: "Fourth-Generation" Transparent Conductors
  • 5.6 Eight-Year Forecast of Other Transparent Conductor Materials Markets
  • 5.7 Key Points Made in this Chapter

Chapter Six: Emerging Markets for Transparent Conductors

  • 6.1 Touch Screen Sensors: Everyone's Favorite Opportunity
  • 6.2 Transparent Conductors and the OLED Industry's Great Leaps Forward
  • 6.3 Transparent Conductors for E-paper
  • 6.4 Conventional Flat-Panel Displays: Stuck On ITO Forever?
  • 6.5 Transparent Conductors and the Future of Solar Panels
  • 6.6 IR and UV Protection Opportunities for Transparent Conductors
  • 6.7 Antistatic Applications for Transparent Conductors
  • 6.8 Transparent Conductors in EMI/RFI Shielding
  • 6.9 Smart Windows Applications for Transparent Conductors
  • 6.10 Yet Other Markets for Transparent Conductors
  • 6.11 Key Points Made in this Chapter

This Report contains 43 Exhibits, for more information please request a sample

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