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Nutritional Supplement / OTC / Rx Consumer Insight & Market Opportunity



This quantitative consumer research project is NMI's most comprehensive and robust data collection vehicle ever undertaken to examine the intersection of dietary supplements, OTC and pharmaceuticals. It contains the most in-depth consumer insight and breakthrough learnings about consumer usage of vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and other supplements combined with OTC and Rx products.

The fundamental basis for this level of insight is based upon the level of specificity across ~50 types of supplements, 50 brands of supplements, more than 25 OTC brands and 85 prescription medications, and the consumer pathways that affect the use of each.

This 150+-page report also examines which medical conditions/health problems consumers are concerned with preventing and treating and which products, or combination of products, they are using in their quest for better health as well as their sources of influence.

Table of Contents

Definitions of Groups

  • Supplement/OTC/Rx Database (SORD) Overview
  • NMI's Supplements/OTC/Rx Database (SORD): Methodology & Objectives
  • NMI's Supplements/OTC/Rx Database (SORD): Summary Content
  • Current Trends Affecting Supplement Use
  • Good News for the Supplement Industry
  • Not Such Good News for the Supplement Industry
  • Supplement Opportunities for Condition Management
  • Global Supplement Launches: January 2002
  • Dec 2011 by Country
  • U.S. Supplement Launches: January 2002 - December 2011
  • U.S. Supplement Launches: January 2002 - Dec 2011 by Format Type

NMI Segmentation

  • NMI Segmentation Explanation
  • NMI Segmentation
  • Health & Wellness Segmentation
  • NMI's Health & Wellness Segment Composition:Supplement User Groups
  • Supplement Use Across Segments
  • Level of User across Segments
  • Targeting Opportunity: Health and Wellness Segments

Consumer Directed Healthcare

  • Self Responsibility for Health is High
  • Consumer Directed Healthcare Indicator of Growing Health Responsibility
  • Drivers of Increased Health Responsibility
  • Proactive Prevention Concerns Grow with Age
  • Cost & Uncertainty of Healthcare Driving Increased Health Responsibility
  • Perceptions of Upcoming Healthcare Changes
  • Lower Perceptions of Physician's Role a Driver of Self-Directed Healthcare
  • Perceptions of Physician's Role by Condition Managers
  • Researching a Condition to Engage or Avoid a Doctor
  • Internet Use Helps Promote the Growth of CDH
  • Overview: Supplement Use
  • Sizing the Supplement Market
  • Trended Supplement Usage across Top Used Supplements
  • Demographic Snapshot of Supplement Users
  • Average Number of Supplements Used in a Typical Day Is on the Rise
  • Level of User: Light, Medium, Heavy
  • Demographic Profiles of Level of User
  • Usage of Supplement Categories, Rx, and OTC by Level of User
  • Supplement Category Users Indicating Level of Use
  • Geographic Distribution of Level of User
  • Summary Table: Supplement Usage - Multi's, Vitamins, Minerals
  • Summary Table: Supplement Usage - Herbal Supplements
  • Summary Table: Supplement Usage - "Other" Supplements
  • Usage of Top Used Supplements across Generations
  • Trended Usage of Top Used Supplements across Generations
  • Condition Management and Supplement Use
  • Drivers of Initial Use of Supplements
  • Supplements as a Dietary Insurance Policy
  • Perceived Deficiencies among Supplement Users
  • Perceived Deficiencies among Supplement Users -Trended
  • Supplements for Prevention vs. Treatment
  • Use of Supplements to Manage Health Conditions
  • Preference of Supplements over Rx to Manage Disease
  • Likelihood to Use Supplements to Prevent/Treat Health Condition (1 of 2)
  • Likelihood to Use Supplements to Prevent/Treat Health Condition (2 of 2)
  • Supplements Use by Level of Concern to Prevent Condition
  • Conditions Which Generate High Concern among Younger Generations
  • Concern about Prevention and Management of Health Conditions
  • Use of Supplements Solely for Illness
  • Nutritional Supplement Use to Manage Health Condition: High Use
  • Nutritional Supplement Use to Manage Health Condition: Conditions
  • Management of Condition by Level of User
  • Use of Specific Supplements to Manage Top Conditions
  • Heart Manager Profile
  • Weight Manager Profile
  • Digestive Manager Profile
  • Energy Manager Profile
  • Energy Manager Profile (Top Supplements Used)
  • Product Use among Condition Managers to Manage Conditions

Specific Supplement Use

  • Trended Use of Multivitamins
  • Multivitamin Opportunity: A Customized Dietary Insurance Policy?
  • Use of Multivitamins across User Groups and Generations
  • Compliance with Multivitamin Use
  • Conditions Managing with Multivitamins
  • Lapsed Usage of Multivitamins
  • Conditions for which Top Supplements Are Being Used
  • Lapsed Usage of Calcium
  • Compliance with Calcium
  • Lapsed Usage of Top Supplements
  • Compliance with Top Supplements
  • Conditions for which Emerging Supplements Are Being Used
  • Lapsed Usage of Emerging Supplements
  • Compliance with Emerging Supplements
  • Compliance with Supplements: Use Only When I Need
  • Understanding of Benefits of Emerging (Re-emerging) Nutrients
  • Understanding of Benefits of Less Conventional Nutrients
  • Benefit Understanding Trended
  • Importance of Supplement Attributes
  • Importance of Supplement Attributes by Heavy Users and WELL BEINGS
  • Perceived Effectiveness and Safety of Supplements
  • Perceived Effectiveness and Safety by Generation
  • Perceived Effectiveness of Available Supplements for Conditions (Top Tier)
  • Perceived Effectiveness of Available Supplements for Conditions (2nd Tier)
  • Perceived Effectiveness Trended
  • Quadrant Analysis Explanation
  • Opportunity Analysis: Condition Concern vs. Perceived Effectiveness
  • Market Opportunities

Sourcing and Formats

  • Nutritional Format Preference is Polarizing
  • Nutritional Format Preference across Users
  • Preference for Supplements in Formats Other Than Pills
  • Preferred Supplement Formats
  • Cumulative Growth of Preferred Supplement Formats
  • Preferred Supplement Formats by Generation
  • Supplements in Food Formats
  • Use of Energy Bars, Protein Bars, Energy Shots
  • Supplement Sourcing Preferences
  • The Impact of Supplement Quality

Supplement Concerns and Barriers

  • Barriers to Supplement Use
  • Concern Over Dosage and Nutrient Level
  • Concern Over Dosage and Nutrient Level by User Groups
  • Concern Over Nutrient Absorption
  • Non-Supplement/Lapsed Users: Reasons for Non-Use
  • Non-Supplement Users: Factors That Would Make Them Initiate Usage

Role of Physician

  • Influencers Toward Supplement Purchase: Physicians Hold Top Spot
  • Influencers Toward Supplement Purchase among Gen Y
  • Perceived Knowledge of Physician, Pharmacist, and Store Personnel
  • Perceived Knowledge Across Level of User
  • Discussed Dietary Supplements with Doctor or Pharmacist
  • Discussed Dietary Supplements with Doctor across Condition Managers
  • Doctor Has Recommended Use of a Particular Supplement
  • Top 3 Doctor Recommended Supps: Vitamin D, Calcium, Multivitamins
  • Supplements Doctor Recommended to Condition Managers
  • Doctors' Involvement in Proactive Health Discussions
  • Frequency of Doctor Visits
  • Top Two Reasons for Low Doctor Visits by Generation

Shopping Attitudes and Behaviors

  • The Economic Impact on Supplement Use
  • The Effect of the Downturn
  • Perceptions of Store Brand Supplements Are Positive
  • Preference for Store Brand Supplements Is High
  • Supplement Brand Loyalty vs. Cost
  • Average Dollars Spent On Supplements, Rx, & OTC
  • Types of Supplements Child in Household Uses
  • Channels Shopped for Supplements by Level of User
  • Channels Shopped Most Often for Supplements
  • Some Demographic Differences Across Channels Shopped Most Often

Over-the-Counter Medications

  • Type of Over-The-Counter Products Used
  • Influencers Toward OTC Purchase

Prescription Medications

  • Perceptions of Prescription Medications as a Part of Healthy Living
  • Prescription Medication for Prevention and Treatment of Health Issues
  • Use of Rx Medication as a Means to Stay Healthy
  • The Dilemma of Prescription Medications
  • Research and Pursuit of Prescription Drug Brands
  • Concerns Regarding Use of Prescription Medications
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