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Electricity Intelligence - The Global Market for Cables, Towers & Insulators Ed 2, 2013-2017

The Global Market for Cables, Insulators and Towers Report consists of several sections that provide additional insight into this market and illustrates the meaning and implications of the information in the database. A detailed historical overview discusses the origins of the electrical supply industry, which provides the basis for a discussion of today's market factors and the future of the Cables, Insulators and Towers sector. Our definition of the infrastructure sector is also included, along with illustrations of our annual demand data (forecasted to 2016), charts illustrating country data, intelligence on Cables, Insulators and Towers companies and a description of our methodology.

Market Intelligence

T&D networks are continuously evolving in both size and nature as they grow in order to cope with ever-rising demand. The cables, towers and insulators sector is seeing a variety of different development paradigms as grids expand worldwide. While developing countries have primarily seen point-to-point radial distribution instead of intermeshed networks, many developing countries have pursued a policy of putting all urban distribution underground. Policy variations like these have knockon effects on other types of equipment.

This NRG Expert report and database allows you to make key business decisions based on our forecasts and analysis of the Electricity T&D Market. Our teams of analysts, backed by the vast data we have collected, have created this industry analysis and forecasted data to 2016.

The Database

The database is the main focus of the product and as such contains the important forecast information and current figures. The database consists of 9 individual Region Microsoft® Excel (.xlsx) files.

Global Data Summary

The Global Data Summary file contains two tabs:

  • Annual Demand
  • Capex

The Annual Demand tab shows a regional and by-country overview of the annual demand 2011 actual figures and forecasts for 2012-2016 in 2011 United States Dollars (USD) as broken down into the 3 sectors defined by NRG Expert: Cables, Insulators and Towers.

The Capx tab follows a similar format as the Annual Demand tab and shows Capital Expenditure in the Cables, Towers and Insulator sectors by country presenting 2011 actual and 2012-2016 forecast figures in 2011 USD. Also included is the 2011 total T&D Capex figure incorporating all sectors of the T&D Market as defined by NRG Expert.

Region Files

Each region file contains a breakdown of the Annual Demand and Capex figures of countries of that region followed by individual tabs for each country in the region.

Country Profiles

NRG Expert has compiled data in the T&D Sector for 180 countries broken down into 9 regions.

The country profiles contain:

  • Transmission and Distribution line-length (installed KMs) data
  • Annual Demand (2011 actuals forecast to 2016 in 2011 USD) data
  • Voltage Breakdown and Overhead Underground Analysis
  • Network Maps
  • Listings of Grid Interconnections

Table of Contents

The T&D Market

Origins of the Electrical Supply Industry

Regional evolution of networks

Planned systems - the Pool concept

Composition of construction cost

Network Developments

Overhead vs. Underground

The Japan Nuclear Crisis

Grid Interconnections

Capital Expenditure

T&D Sectors


Insulators and Fittings


Annual Demand

Country Information

T&D Companies

Global Market Shares

Company Listings








  • Figure 1: Installed Transmission + Distribution Line Length 2011-2015
  • Figure 2: Global T&D Capital Expenditure 2011-2016 (million US$)
  • Figure 3: Regional Breakdown of Capital Expenditure 2011-2016 (million US$)
  • Figure 4: 2011 Annual Demand breakdown by Sector
  • Figure 5: Total Annual T&D Demand 2011-2016 (million US$)
  • Figure 6: Austria Transmission Installed Line Length 2011 (million US$)
  • Figure 7: Austria Distribution Installed Line Length 2011 (million US$)
  • Figure 8: Belgium Transmission Installed Line Length 2011 (million US$)
  • Figure 9: Belgium Distribution Installed Line Length 2011 (million US$)
  • Figure 10: Brazil Transmission Installed Line Length 2011 (million US$)
  • Figure 11: Brazil Distribution Installed Line Length 2011 (million US$)
  • Figure 12: Bulgaria Transmission Installed Line Length 2011 (million US$)
  • Figure 13: Bulgaria Distribution Installed Line Length 2011 (million US$)

Note: The Table of Contents has been edited for brevity; please contact Global Information or request a sample for a full list of this report's contents and a list of all 77 figures offered up in the report.

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