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UltraHD via Satellite: Evaluating Long Term Viability and Market Opportunity

This completely updated NSR study provides a comprehensive market analysis of the three major methods of UltraHD consumption via satellite - DTH, IPTV and Cable Distribution. The report analyses the market in terms of market viability, cost considerations, ecosystem development and end user adoption issues. Segmented regionally and including case studies of key markets, the report offers not only an overview of this new technology but also a thorough look forward at the future development of UltraHD. The report's findings are aimed at enabling satellite operators and service providers to plan accordingly so as to protect and enhance their current market position, as well as gain competitive ground by provisioning more attractive UltraHD channel packages.


This report answers the key questions concerning the UltraHD via satellite market:

  • How fast will UltraHD develop and where?
  • Which type of UltraHD (format and delivery method) will be most in demand over the next decade?
  • Which frequencies and solutions will be preferred over time?
  • What are the revenue prospects and capacity requirements?

The study is a valuable resource that:

  • Provides a roadmap to the satellite industry - providing historical context, current deployment status and future take-up of UltraHD
  • Offers an assessment of end user requirements and preferences
  • Analyzes the impact that UltraHD will have on current and future SD and HD demand

Critical assessments undertaken include:

  • Key issues and expected trends as well as how the outlook of the industry will evolve
  • The current-generation 4K and next-generation 8K UltraHD format
  • Dedicated case studies for key UltraHD markets


The report includes the following analytical elements:

  • Channel forecasts
  • Forecast by platform - Cable TV and Distribution (CATV and IPTV)
  • Capacity pricing movements & trends
  • Bandwidth requirements and compression
  • Demand trends & ten-year forecasts by platform, region, and frequency band

Detailed Analysis Backed by Industry Input & NSR Expertise

The detailed assessment of the UltraHD market relies on input from key vendors as well as NSR's longstanding, extensive body of work in the video markets and application segments. This provides a solid quantitative and qualitative basis from which a comprehensive analysis of trends and market forecasts can be drawn.

Key Features


Who Should Purchase the Report


  • Satellite Operators
  • Satellite Service Providers
  • Satellite and Video Equipment Manufacturers
  • Technology Companies
  • Trade Associations
  • DTH Platforms
  • Investment Banks
  • Media Companies
  • Potential UltraHD Market Entrants

    A Complete Analytical Perspective

    Elements of this Study Include:

    • A Complete PowerPoint Report Document containing all quantitative and qualitative analysis
    • An Excel File containing all data and graphs so the client can easily use this work as a basis for their own internal market projections

    Complimentary 2 hours of consulting time with the NSR analyst who authored the report to review report findings and interpret the market

  • Table of Contents

    Executive Summary

    1. Introduction

    • How Did We Get Here?
    • Current State of UltraHD

    2. Market Analysis

    • UltraHD Value Proposition
      • Industry Challenges
      • Demand Drivers
      • Demand Restraints
      • Assessment of Reasons to Upgrade to UltraHD
    • Business Case Considerations
      • Retention of Subscriber Base by Deploying UltraHD Channels/Content
      • Ecosystem Development
    • Discussion of the 8K format
    • Case Studies for Key UltraHD Markets
    • Pricing Trends and Analysis
      • C-band
      • Ku-band
      • HTS

    3. Total Market Forecasts & Trends

    • Total UltraHD Forecasts
    • Channel Growth Forecasts
      • The Big Picture
      • SD, HD and UltraHD
    • Market Forecasts by Platform
      • Cable TV
      • IPTV
      • DTH
    • Market Forecasts by Frequency
      • C-band
      • Ku-band
      • HTS
    • Market Forecasts by Region
    • Competitive Analysis of IPTV, Cable and DTH
    • Bottom Line

    4. Cable TV and IPTV Distribution Market

    • Introduction
    • Key Market Trends
      • Cable TV
      • IPTV
    • Value Proposition
    • Channel Growth Forecasts
    • Market Forecasts by Frequency
      • C-band
      • Ku-band
    • 8K Channels
    • Bottom Line

    5. DTH Market

    • Introduction
    • Key Market Trends
    • Value Proposition
    • Channel Growth Forecasts
    • Market Forecasts by Frequency
      • Ku-band
      • HTS
      • Dedicated Ku-band
      • Dedicated Ka-band
    • 8K Channels
    • Bottom Line

    Annex. Methodology

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