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The Worldwide IC Packaging Market - 2013 Edition

The Most Comprehensive Report Available On The Global IC Packaging Industry

Report Highlights

Industry Overview

  • Economic Overview
  • Semiconductor Industry Analysis

Worldwide IC Packaging Market Forecasts, 2011-2017

  • Units
  • Package Prices
  • Packaging Revenue
  • By Semiconductor Product
  • By Package Family
  • By I/O Range

OSAT IC Packaging Market Forecasts, 2011-2017

  • Units
  • Package Prices
  • Packaging Revenue
  • Competitive Rankings
  • Company Profiles

The Worldwide IC Packaging Market, 2013 Edition


While the integrated circuit (IC) market tends to be cyclical in nature, the general trend is for more ICs to be integrated into more products over time. While military was once the main driver of electronics, currently the market is being driven by demand for handheld consumer devices and the adjoining infrastructure. The automobile industry is also gaining steam, and vehicles are laden with semiconductor devices.

A year of unprecedented growth in 2010 (IC revenue grew 40.6% while units expanded 35.5%) followed the worst economic downturn since the great depression. The year 2012 saw a softening in the market, which is typical of U.S. Presidential election years. A steady climb is anticipated in the market for 2013 and beyond, although economic uncertainty in Europe and developments in unrest in the Middle East could hamper growth.

New Venture Research (NVR), in the 2013 Edition of The Worldwide IC Packaging Market, analyzes the semiconductor industry and uses this analysis to forecast the future of the global IC packaging market. The report begins with an economic and industry overview, and historic and future unit and revenue graphs.


Following this high-level review, the report presents forecasts for each semiconductor product type, and segments these products by package family and I/O count range. Packaging revenue figures are displayed for each segment, based on prices charged in the outsourced assembly and test (OSAT) market. The package families are then rolled up by I/O count and semiconductor product. In doing so, the report generates the total value of the IC packaging industry.

Next, the report presents NVR's continuing, extensive coverage of the OSAT market. OSATs will continue to assume a larger share of the world's IC packaging business. The report breaks the OSAT market down by package families and major product categories providing units and revenue for each category. To help you further assess this group of companies, the report profiles the activities of the world's largest OSAT companies and the packages they offer.

The Worldwide IC Packaging Market, 2013 Edition continues NVR's leadership position in assessing the status and future of IC packaging. This report is an effective and economical tool for any company associated in the semiconductor industry to aid in assessing their own markets and potential areas of growth. The report sells for $3495 and is delivered by email as a single-user PDF file. Extra single-user licenses sell for $250 each and a corporate license is $1000. With the purchase of the report, an Excel spreadsheet of all tables may be obtained for an additional $750 and a printed copy for $250.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Executive Summary

Chapter 3: The State of the Industry

  • Economic Overview
  • Industry Overview

Chapter 4: IC Package Forecast by Product


Chapter 5: IC Package Forecast by Package Family


Chapter 6: Packaging OSAT Market

  • Market Overview
  • Contractor Rankings
  • Unit, Revenue, Pricing Forecasts by Package Family
  • DIP
  • SOT
  • SO
  • TSOP
  • DFN
  • CC
  • QFP
  • QFN
  • PGA
  • BGA
  • FBGA
  • WLP
  • OSAT Ranking

Chapter 7: Company Profiles

  • Amkor
  • Anst China
  • ASE
  • Azimuth
  • Carsem
  • ChipMOS
  • Cirtek
  • CORWIL Technology
  • Deca Technologies
  • FlipChip Int'l
  • Hana Microelectronics
  • Hana Micron
  • I2A
  • J-Devices
  • Jiangsu Changjiang
  • Lingsen Precision
  • Millennium Microtech
  • Nantong Fujitsu
  • OSE
  • Powertech
  • Shinko Electric
  • Signetics
  • Sigurd
  • Siliconware
  • SPEL
  • Teramikros
  • Tianshui Huatian Tech
  • Unisem
  • UTAC
  • Vigilant Technology
  • XinTec

Appendix A: OSAT Package Guide

Appendix B: OSAT Website Guide

Appendix C: Glossary

Partial List of Figures and Tables

  • IC Unit Forecast
  • IC Revenue Forecast
  • IC Packaging Revenue Forecast
  • Price per I/O by Package Family
  • Package Price Forecasts
  • IC Product Forecasts
    • MPU
    • MCU
    • DSP
    • DRAM
    • Flash
    • SRAM
    • ROM and EPROM
    • EEPROM/Other Memory
    • Digital Bipolar
    • Standard Logic
    • Gate Arrays
    • Cell-Based and PLD
    • Display Drivers
    • Custom Logic
    • Amplifiers
    • Interfaces
    • Voltage Regulators
    • Data Converters
    • Custom Analog

Publish Date: May 2013 - 425 Pages

  • DIP Forecasts-3 I/O Ranges
  • SOT Forecasts
  • SO Forecasts-3 I/O Ranges
  • TSOP Forecasts-3 I/O Ranges
  • DFN Forecasts-2 I/O Ranges
  • CC Forecasts-2 I/O Ranges
  • QFP Forecasts-2 I/O Ranges
  • QFN Forecasts-4 I/O Ranges
  • PGA Forecasts-2 I/O Ranges
  • BGA Forecasts-4 I/O Ranges
  • FBGA Forecasts-6 I/O Ranges
  • WLP Forecasts-4 I/O Ranges
  • DCA Forecasts-5 I/O Ranges
  • Total IC Packaging Revenue
  • OSAT Total Forecast
  • OSAT DIP Forecast
  • OSAT SOT Forecast
  • OSAT SO Forecast
  • OSAT TSOP Forecast
  • OSAT DFN Forecast
  • OSAT CC Forecast
  • OSAT QFP Forecast
  • OSAT QFN Forecast
  • OSAT PGA Forecast
  • OSAT BGA Forecast
  • OSAT FBGA Forecast
  • OSAT WLP Forecast
  • Packaging OSAT Rankings
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