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The Large Wind Turbine Global market 2010 - Energy from Thin Air



The information in Large Wind Turbine Global Market 2010: Energy From Thin Air is based on primary and secondary research. Primary research entailed interviews with participants throughout the market including component suppliers, turbine manufacturers and utilities to obtain information on wind turbine market trends, marketing programs and technology systems. Secondary research involved data gathering from relevant sources, including industry and consumer publications, newspapers, government reports, company literature, corporate annual reports and conference proceedings and presentations.

Key Technologies Examined

  • Wind Turbine Components
  • Types of Wind Turbine Configurations
    • Horizontal Axis
    • Vertical Axis
    • Unconventional Designs
    • Small System Designs
  • System Characteristics
    • Utility Scale
    • Industrial Scale
    • Residential Scale

Who Should Buy This Report

Business Development Executives to understand the dynamics of the market and identify possible investment opportunities.

Financial and Investment Professionals to identify new product and company offerings for their investors and clients.

Electrical Power Facility Managers to pinpoint ways to participate in the wind energy market.

Government and NGO Leadership to assess the economic, political and social impact of the wind turbine market.

Information and Research Center Librarians to provide students, researchers and other colleagues with the vital information they need to do their jobs more effectively.

Research and Development Professionals to stay on top of wind turbine technology and its market dynamics.

Companies Profiled

Companies profiled include manufacturers of wind power turbines at all levels of power generation. Detailed profiles of the following companies are included in the report:

Large-Scale Companies - Clipper Windpower, Enercon, Gamesa, GE Energy, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Nordex, Northern Power Systems, Siemens, Suzlon, Vestas.

Small-Scale Companies - Bergey, Eoltec, Hummer Windpower, Proven Energy, Southwest Windpower.

Plus additional important turbine manufacturers, component suppliers, integrators, designers and utilities/developers.

Key Report Deliverables

  • Firm understanding of the technical, economic and market potential of the wind turbine market
  • Key trends and issues
  • Historical (2005-2009) market size and growth
  • Projected (2010-2014) market size and growth
  • Pricing by market segmentation
  • Current and pending legislation and regulatory initiatives
  • Profiles of leading companies in the industry

How You Will Benefit From This Report

If your company or organization is intrigued by the opportunity to get involved in the wind turbine and wind power energy markets, you will find this report invaluable. It provides a unique and comprehensive package of information and insight not offered in any other single source. You will gain a thorough understanding of the current market for wind turbines, as well as projected markets and trends through 2014.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Executive Summary

Chapter 2: Wind Power Technology

  • Using Wind Power
  • Segments of the Wind Power Market
  • Wind Turbines Technology
    • The Equipment
    • System Requirements
    • Wind Turbine Configurations
      • Horizontal Axis
      • Vertical Axis
      • Unconventional Designs
      • Major Components of a Large Wind Turbine
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Wind Organizations

Chapter 3: Market Size & Growth

  • Manufacturers and Product Lines
  • Wind Turbine Market Size
    • United States Wind Turbine Market
    • Global (exUS) Wind Turbine Market
    • Residential Scale
  • Wind Turbine Market Forecast (2010-2014)
    • United States Forecast
    • Global (exUS) Forecast

Chapter 4: Wind Turbine Market Issues

  • Market Drivers of Wind Energy
  • Market Barriers for Wind Energy
  • Comparative Costs
  • Economic Conditions
  • Offshore Wind Power
  • Government Policy and Incentives
  • Environmental Issues
  • Recent Developments, Trends and Innovations
  • Global Demand for Wind Power
  • Individual National Market Trends

Chapter 5: Company Profiles

  • Background
  • Product and Brand Portfolio
  • Financial Performance
  • Acquisitions and Divestitures
  • Research and Development
  • Business Outlook
  • Personnel Changes
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