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Global LTE Subscriptions to Reach 802m by 2017 - Research in Focus: LTE / July 2012

Globally, LTE subscriptions will make up less than 1% (.8%) of all mobile phone subscriptions by year-end 2012. LTE will grow to almost 10 percent of global mobile subscriptions by 2017. Although LTE subscription penetration in the Asia-Pacific region will remain lower than the global average, two countries in the region - Japan and South Korea - are leaders in LTE adoption, surpassed only by the US in current and expected new subscriptions in the next three years. By 2017 China and Indonesia will be important growth markets. Latin America will also continue to show lower LTE penetration than the global average. We expect almost 7% of mobile subscriptions in Brazil to be LTE by 2017, making the regional giant an important driver of global growth in LTE, despite lower than average adoption.

Research in Focus: LTE helps clients analyze and keep track of regional and global LTE subscription and mobile handset trends, including analysis of the largest markets globally, and an examination of 4G versus 3G and LTE handset sell-through. It also provides a LTE outlook across the most dynamic geographic regions.

Table of Contents

  • Major highlights from this quarter
  • LTE Subscription trends:
    • Global overview
    • Regional overview
    • Largest markets globally
    • LTE's share of total mobile subscriptions
    • 4G versus 3G
  • Mobile handset trends:
    • Global overview
    • Regional overview
    • Largest markets globally
    • LTE handset sell-through
  • LTE Outlook:
    • Asia-Pacific
    • United States
    • Western Europe
  • Appendix: Definitions
  • Appendix: LTE subscriptions worldwide
  • Appendix: LTE handset sell-through
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