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Growth Opportunities in Sports Nutrition

This report details the opportunities, legislative pressures and product concepts driving the sport nutrition industry. Insight is offered as regards the development of the market over the next four years together with the trends that will drive the sector over this period. The content provides market data and examines key examples of industry consolidation and implications for the market.


  • Identify geographic opportunities from global sales data backed by category analysis for North America and key countries in EU including the UK.
  • Review brand and innovation strategies of key players in the performance nutrition categories.
  • Examine key threats and opportunities presented by changing regulations.
  • Understand the factors driving industry consolidation and examine the key deals of the recent past.
  • Review category trends and new product development from existing and emerging brands in the sports nutrition category.


Whey protein is being incorporated into a number of products, such as oatmeal and snack bars, and it can bring various health related benefits, including minimizing the loss of muscle mass. This is of obvious interest to active, healthy people but it is also relevant to seniors who may experience losses in body mass and strength.

Industry consolidation has been a significant feature of the sports nutrition industry over the past few years. This activity has included GSK's purchase of Maxinutrition, Abbott's acquisition of EAS, Glanbia's purchase of BSN and also the Carlyle Group's $3.8bn capture of NBTY, the maker of Nature's Bounty, MET-Rx and Solgar supplements.

In the UK alone GlaxoSmithKline, parent company of Lucozade and Maximuscle, now has approximately 80,000 chillers and vending machines. This provides an incredible distribution reach for Maximuscle and its ready to drinks and nutrition bars, which could help see them further enforce their position as premier UK sports nutrition brand.


  • What are the current trends and market drivers within the sports nutrition markets?
  • What are the main regulatory hurdles to overcome for EU and North American Markets?
  • What new ingredients and product categories present new opportunities in the field of performance nutrition?
  • What is the forecast market size and growth rates to 2016 in the major sports nutrition categories and countries?
  • What merger and acquisition opportunities exist in the sports nutrition market?

Table of Contents

Author Biography

  • Mark J. Tallon, PhD
  • James O'Byrne, MBA
  • Disclaimer

Executive summary

  • Market analysis
  • Regulatory and legal landscape
  • Merger and acquisitions analysis
  • Brand analysis and new product development
  • Future opportunities in sports nutrition


  • The sports nutrition market
  • About this report
    • Definitions

Market analysis

  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • Growth in primary western sports nutrition markets
  • Category analysis
    • European muscle building market
    • US muscle building market
    • European and US fat loss market
    • Sports drinks market

Regulatory and legal landscape

  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • European regulatory update
    • Nutrition and health claims
    • Addition of vitamins and minerals and other substances to food (1925/2006)
    • Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) 2004/24/EC
    • Labeling - Food Information to Consumers Regulation (FIR)
    • Novel foods
  • US regulatory update
    • FTC crackdowns on rogue marketing practices
    • GMP enforcement continues to increase
    • NDI guidance
    • Class action and IP protection
    • DMAA debate ignites the sports market

Merger and acquisitions analysis

  • Summary
  • Introduction
    • Abbott Laboratories and EAS
    • GlaxoSmithKline and Maximuscle
    • Glanbia and BSN and Optimum Nutrition
    • Provexis and Science in Sport
    • Hut Group and Myprotein.com
    • Future prospects for M&A
  • Brand analysis and new product development
  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • Category trends
    • (Untitled sub-section)
    • Researched products for elite athletes
    • Small, convenient and vendible
    • Private label still strong, but not in all cases

Future opportunities in sports nutrition

  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • Key strategies
    • Go where the consumer is
    • Growth in BRIC
    • Using food law as a competitive advantage


  • Figure: Sports nutrition market (US and EU7) - sales and growth, 2006 - 2016
  • Figure: Sports nutrition market value ($m) in the US and EU7, 2007 - 2016
  • Figure: European and US sport nutrition muscle building category ($m), 2007 - 2016
  • Figure: Muscle building category growth and value ($m) in EU7, 2006 - 2016
  • Figure: European category analysis and growth, 2011 - 2016
  • Figure: US sport nutrition muscle building category ($m), 2006 - 2016
  • Figure: US category analysis and growth, 2011-2016
  • Figure: European and US sport nutrition fat loss category value ($m), 2007-2016
  • Figure: European sport nutrition fat loss category growth & value ($m), 2007-2013
  • Figure: US sport nutrition fat loss category growth & value ($m), 2007-2013
  • Figure: Global sports drinks market ($m), 2006 - 2015
  • Figure: Sports drinks in emerging markets ($m), 2015 - 2016
  • Figure: Article 13 health claim approvals and rejections
  • Figure: On-pack evidence of and approved Traditional Herbal Registration (THR)
  • Figure: Creatine Ethyl Ester - Novel ingredient?
  • Figure: The Natural Products Foundation - Truth in Advertising program
  • Figure: Jack3d - DMAA containing sports supplement
  • Figure: EAS sports nutrition product range in 2012
  • Figure: EAS and its Muscle Media 2000 publication
  • Figure: Maxinutrition sports nutrition endurance products for 2012
  • Figure: Optimum sports nutrition product range in 2012
  • Figure: BSN sports nutrition product range in 2012
  • Figure: SIS sports nutrition product range in 2012
  • Figure: Myprotein sports nutrition product range in 2012
  • Figure: Myprotein's 2012 range of sports nutrition products for women
  • Figure: Protein ketchup from Protica
  • Figure: Greek yogurt - Better Whey of Life from Tula Foods Inc
  • Figure: Whey Protein Crunch breakfast cereal from Trek Nutrition UK
  • Figure: Powdered whey from The Good Whey Company
  • Figure: Core Power from Fair Oaks Farms Brands
  • Figure: Sports nutrition powder from NutraMet Ltd
  • Figure: Healthy Vending from Nutrition Without Borders
  • Figure: GNC Private label range of sports nutrition products
  • Figure: Nutri1st Mass Gainer from Tesco (Private label range)
  • Figure: Maxinutrition sponsored athlete Amir Khan
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