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Rare Earths: Market Outlook to 2018, 15th edition, 2014

China FOB indexed prices for selected rare earth oxides, Jan 2009 to Sep 2014

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  • Can the Chinese rare earths industry bring illegal mining under control
  • Can official production support growing demand for rare earths
  • What is the outlook, by project, for the >300 new rare earths projects that Roskill has evaluated since rare earths prices spiked dramatically in 2011
  • How much demand, by end-use and element, was permanently destroyed by this price spike and in which end-uses are rare earths irreplaceable
  • What are Roskill's predictions, by element, to 2018

Table of Contents

  • 1. Summary
  • 2. Occurrence and reserves
  • 3. Mining and processing
  • 4. Production overview
  • 5. Country and company profiles
  • 6. Consumption overview
  • 7. End-use industry profiles
  • 8. Forecast supply and demand
  • 9. International trade
  • 10. Prices and outlook
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