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Rare Earths: Market Outlook to 2020, 15th edition, 2015

Roskill's NEW 15th report on the rare earths market will be published within seven weeks. If you're involved with rare earths in any way, this upcoming report will help you make the right decisions.

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  • Can the Chinese rare earths industry bring illegal mining under control?
  • Can official production support growing demand for rare earths?
  • What is the outlook, by project, for the >300 new rare earths projects that Roskill has evaluated since rare earths prices spiked dramatically in 2011?
  • How much demand, by end-use and element, was permanently destroyed by this price spike and in which end-uses are rare earths irreplaceable?
  • What are Roskill's predictions, by element, to 2020?

Table of Contents

  • 1. Summary
  • 2. Occurrence and reserves
  • 3. Mining and processing
  • 4. Production overview
  • 5. Country and company profiles
  • 6. Consumption overview
  • 7. End-use industry profiles
  • 8. Forecast supply and demand
  • 9. International trade
  • 10. Prices and outlook
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