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Molybdenum: Market Outlook to 2025, 12th Edition 2015

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Molybdenum: Market Outlook to 2025, 12th Edition 2015
Published: will be released November 30, 2015 Content info:

Key questions answered in this report

  • Where are future sources of molybdenum production located
  • How will the balance between primary and by-product molybdenum production change
  • How will global supply and demand develop for molybdenum through to 2025
  • How have low energy and iron prices affected molybdenum consumption in the steel industry
  • How will proposed changes in molybdenum production quotas and taxes in China affect the industry
  • What is the outlook for molybdenum oxide and ferromolybdenum prices
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • 1. Summary
  • 2. History, properties, occurrence and reserves
  • 3. Mining and production processes
  • 4. World molybdenum production data
  • 5. Molybdenum production capacity
  • 6. Molybdenum production costs
  • 7. Notes on molybdenum producing countries
  • 8. Analysis of molybdenum trade data
  • 9. World consumption of molybdenum
  • 10. Uses of molybdenum
  • 11. Outlook for consumption by product to 2020
  • 12. Supply and demand of molybdenum
  • 13. Molybdenum prices
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