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Electronic Theft Threats Database - 2013

  • Published:
  • SBD

Many of the tools included in this database are the types of devices currently being used by thieves during sophisticated theft attacks.

BD's latest update of the Electronic Theft Threats Database aims to highlight some of the tools and devices that are being used by criminal groups across Europe.

Many of the OBD devices are designed to program blank keys to the vehicle, some will overwrite the existing keys but others will add without the drivers' knowledge. The developers have found solutions to automatically overcome manufacturers' security protocols such as programing PIN codes, on-line thru coding and time delays.

The trend towards electronic devices comes at a time where sales of aftermarket mechanical steering locks are increasing; this highlights a change in the skill set and tool box of the 21st century thief.

This Electronic Theft Threats Database describes a range of tools and devices available that have the most impact on vehicle theft or that have been reported to have been used to steal vehicles. The list contains many of the main tools used; it is not a definitive list of all tools available since there are a multitude of duplicates and copy tools that perform the same functions as each other.

How to use this database

Tool functions by OEM

Detailed images and links

This database includes the following information:

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Function
    • What does it do?
    • How does it do it?
    • Connectivity to the car
    • Additional information
  • 3. Other requirements
    • Key Programmer
    • Transponder
    • Security Control
    • Other
  • 4. Web links
  • 5. Tool Images
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