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Global Benchmark of real-time traffic information services

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This publication has been discontinued on March 22, 2013.


Detailed analysis of 200 traffic information services from 60 service providers across 55 countries.

Selecting a traffic information provider for each of the markets worldwide is a challenge. A clear view of the service providers active in each country along with details about their geographic coverage, encryption and delivery channels is needed to make this decision. SBD provides this information in their latest interactive database titled ‘Global benchmark of real-time traffic information services’.

This guide details the traffic services available in over 50 countries globally from nearly 60 suppliers. It analyses the market trends, technology trends and consumer requirements. Each country is analysed and each service provider is individually profiled. In addition, the guide provides analysis of the global traffic information industry, looking at current trends and predicting changes expected in the next 3 years.

In addition to the benchmark of services, this guide also covers new markets, key players, OEM contracts, trends for data collection and delivery, and consumer demands in key countries.

This guide will provide you

  • A detailed analysis of the major traffic information service providers active across Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Asia, Australasia and Africa
  • Insights into the various traffic suppliers used across 40 different OEMS like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Shanghai GM and Toyota
  • Overview of the sources and managers of traffic data along with the encoding and delivery details in over 50 countries
  • Details of alliances and partnerships between the collectors, managers and distributors of traffic data

Now 11 new markets with traffic information services ...

This interactive guide provides a comprehensive outline of the traffic information services available across the globe and analyses the market, technical and consumer trends impacting this industry. The report is focused on traffic information services that are encoded for use by navigation systems to enable dynamic route guidance.

With over 200 slides, this unique interactive database covers the 190 live or planned services from 60 providers in 55 countries in eight regions ~ Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Middles East, Asia, Australasia and Africa.

Each service provider is assessed individually and the complex interrelationships between industry players is described graphically through flow charts for each country. This assessment covers the original data sources and the roles of collectors, managers and distributors.

Profiles for each provider are included in the Global benchmark of real-time traffic information services. These include details of coverage and contracts with vehicle manufacturers and system suppliers.

.....know what tomorrow brings

Top Level Trends

Market trends

Since 2010, an additional 11 markets have now been provided with traffic information services based on broadcast or cellular delivery. These new markets are mainly in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia. In the medium term up to 2015, additional new markets are expected to be launched in South America, Middle East and Asia.

Service provider trends

The leading players identified in this analysis, such as INRIX, Mediamobile, TomTom, Be-Mobile and Navteq, are continuing to expand their coverage with the aim of being able to offer a ‘one-stop shop' global provision to vehicle manufacturers and their Tier-1 suppliers.

OEM trends

Approximately 40 vehicle manufacturers are using traffic information services across the world. In most markets, the number of OEMs that have contracts with commercial service providers remains relatively small. France, UK and USA are the exception to this trend with most vehicle manufacturers paying to access traffic services in these markets.

Technology trends

RDS TMC has retained its status as the dominant delivery method with only a few vehicle manufacturers deploying IP-based services through cellular. Over the next three years, the use of cellular delivery will increase while analogue RDS TMC is expected to remain important and digital radio will begin to gain traction in some European markets and China.

Consumer trends

Drivers continue to rank traffic information as one of the most important Connected Car services. This is uniform across consumers surveyed by SBD in Brazil, China, Europe, Russia and the USA.

The SBD Commitment

From technical trends reports to conducting end user surveys, SBD has over 15 years of experience of providing strategic advice, insight and expertise to the automotive and associated industries globally.

At SBD, we help vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers bridge that gap between system design and actual market needs. Our diverse team of experts understand global market and technical requirements and how to plan cost-effective systems for the future that customers value and are willing to pay for.

About the report author

Stephen Longden, Analyst - Advanced Research Division.

Stephen achieved an MSc in Transport Planning and Management at the University of Westminster before becoming the editor of The Intelligent Highway magazine. At SBD, Stephen specialises in research and analysis into automotive telematics and navigation. He has investigated a variety of ITS applications and is widely regarded as an expert on emerging markets such as China and initiatives such as eCall. Stephen is an award-winning speaker at conferences and seminars in Europe and Asia.

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