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Smartphone Integration Trends - 2013

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This report analyses the next generation to emerge over the coming years, which is expected to require more advanced partnerships between OEMs, tier-ones and the app eco-systems in order to provide customers with a more integrated end-user experience.

Database of smartphone integration solutions available in Europe, US, China.

Table of Contents

1. Develop a dock for the car ?

2. Develop our own smartphone ‘Meta’ app that incorporates the functionality of various other apps ?

3. Develop our own smartphone app that acts as a ‘Gateway’ to other smartphone apps ?

4. Integrate someone else's smartphone app by using their API ?

5. Integrate someone else's app by providing them with our API ?

6. Integrate someone else's app that has been developed using an industry-wide API (SmartPhoneLink) ?

7. Adopt Mirrorlink ?

8. Adopt a proprietary duplication solution ?

9. Do some or all of the above ?

10. Do none of the above ?

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