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The Global Soldier Modernization Market 2014-2024


This report is the result of SDI's extensive market and company research covering the global soldier modernization industry. Request a free sample to learn more today.

Introduction and Landscape

Why was the report written?

"The Global Soldier Modernization Market 2014-2024" offers the reader detailed analysis of the global soldier modernization market over the next ten years, alongside potential market opportunities to enter the industry, using detailed market size forecasts.

What are the key drivers behind recent market changes?

The soldier modernization market is going through rapid technological developments with major innovations in the fields of networked soldier technology and future soldier outfit modernization. The defense procurement agencies of various countries are constantly updating the various manufacturers on potential future requirements in fields of lethality, survivability, C4ISR, sustainability and mobility. This makes it absolutely essential for the leading military nations of the world to routinely invest in science and technology as well as research and development in order to ensure they maintain their technological edge. Given these factors, the demand for soldier modernization solutions will be driven by the continual digitization of the modern battlefield where many nations are fielding infantry who are capable of utilizing tools such as advanced navigation, as well as communication and targeting equipment. Technological advances in the fields of powered exoskeletons and fuel cells will also drive the soldier modernization market as leading military nations search for ways to minimize costs while deploying these technologies on the battlefield.

What makes this report unique and essential to read?

"The Global Soldier Modernization Market 2014-2024" provides detailed analysis of the current industry size and growth expectations from 2014 to 2024, including highlights of key growth stimulators. It also benchmarks the industry against key global markets and provides detailed understanding of emerging opportunities in specific areas.

Key Features and Benefits

The report provides detailed analysis of the market for soldier modernization systems during 2014-2024, including the factors that influence why countries are investing or cutting expenditure on soldier modernization. It provides detailed expectations of growth rates and projected total expenditure.

A significant number of countries are investing in the development of their domestic solider modernization industry by establishing strategic alliances and technology transfer agreements with established global manufacturers. In addition to improving the indigenous capabilities of a domestic firm, this provides the foreign company with an opportunity to cater to a new market. Partnerships between countries that possess an advanced defense industrial base, such as US and India, aid the mutual sharing of advanced technology.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Executive Summary

3. Global Soldier Modernization Market Size and Drivers

  • 3.2. Global Soldier Modernization Market - Regional Analysis
  • 3.3. Soldier Modernization Sub-Sector Market Size Composition
  • 3.4. Demand Drivers and Growth Stimulators
  • 3.5. Defense Budget Spending Review
  • 3.6. Defense Modernization Review

4. Industry Trends, Recent Developments and Challenges

  • 4.1. Technological Developments
  • 4.2. Market Trends
  • 4.3. Industry Consolidation
  • 4.4. Key Challenges

5. SWOT Analysis of the Soldier Modernization Market

  • 5.1. Strengths
  • 5.2. Weaknesses
  • 5.3. Opportunities
  • 5.4. Threats

6. Country Analysis - Soldier Modernization Market

  • 6.1. United States Market Size and Forecast 2014-2024
  • 6.2. India Market Size and Forecast 2014-2024
  • 6.3. China Market Size and Forecast 2014-2024
  • 6.4. Australia Market Size and Forecast 2014-2024
  • 6.5. South Korea Market Size and Forecast 2014-2024
  • 6.6. France Market Size and Forecast 2014-2024
  • 6.7. Russian Market Size and Forecast 2014-2024
  • 6.8. The United Kingdom Market Size and Forecast 2014-2024
  • 6.9. Israel Market Size and Forecast 2014-2024
  • 6.10. Saudi Arabia Market Size and Forecast 2014-2024
  • 6.11. Brazilian Market Size and Forecast 2014-2024
  • 6.12. Peru Market Size and Forecast 2014-2024
  • 6.13. South Africa Market Size and Forecast 2014-2024

7. Major Soldier Modernization Programs

  • 7.1. Lethality
  • 7.2. C4ISR

  • 7.3. Survivability
  • 7.4. Mobility
  • 7.5. Sustainability

8. Competitive Landscape and Strategic Insights

  • 8.1. Competitive Landscape overview

9. Appendix

  • 9.1. Methodology
  • 9.2. About SDI
  • 9.3. Disclaimer

List of Tables and Figures

Note: The Table of Contents has Been Edited for Brevity. For a Complete List of Tables and Figures Please Request a Free Sample.

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