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Simulation and Virtual Training--Military Applications--Technology Penetration and Roadmapping


Modern technology has created highly realistic battlefields and weapons training, minimizing the risk of injury during training and dramatically lowering training costs. The latter consideration is particularly valuable as many nations in an economic slump strive to reduce or re-prioritize military budgets. Simulation technologies are developing at a rapid pace, allowing armed forces to train their troops, both recruits and veterans, in new tactics to deal with evolving threats.

Table of Contents

1. Research Snapshot and Key Findings

  • Research Outline
    • Research Snapshot and Key Findings
    • Research Methodology
  • Technology Snapshot
    • Technology Capability
    • Key Technology Segments

2. Technology Forces and Prospects

  • Drivers and Restraints; Technology Penetration, Adoption
    • Technology/Business Drivers
    • Technology/Business Restraints
    • Global Technology Penetration and Adoption
  • Key Developments, Opportunities and Future Prospects
    • Flight Trainers / Simulators
    • Combat Simulators
    • Convoy Simulators
    • Small Arms Simulators
    • Medical Simulators
    • Opportunities for Military Simulation Technologies
    • The Road Ahead

3. Appendices - Key Participants and Patents

  • Key Participants
    • Key Participants 1
    • Key Participants 2
  • Key Patents
    • Key Patents 1
    • Key Patents 2
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