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High-Growth Diagnostic Testing Markets

There will be a steady increase in demand for new diagnostic testing services in the next five-year period, along with pressures to improve the quality of healthcare delivered in the clinic and also to lower its costs. Clinical labs experienced a substantial growth during the last decade. The emphasis in this TriMark Publications report is on those companies that are actively developing and marketing high-growth diagnostic testing technologies in the clinical hospital market. It defines the dollar volume of sales, both worldwide and in the U.S., of the market and analyzes the factors that influence the size and growth of market segments.

The study goes on to discuss in detail trends that have developed which have stimulated this market, and also comments in detail patterns of information processing in the high-growth diagnostic testing technologies. Moreover, this exanimation provides an overview of the diagnostic testing market, including the latest information regarding exciting new products and industry trends. It will not only quantify but also qualify the market high-growth segments as an area of research and investment. Forecasts of the market and analyses of products in the worldwide prescriptions market will provide a basis for understanding the significance of past developments and future possibilities within this therapeutic category.

This Report Provides:

  • An improved understanding of the current state and future of the most exciting high-growth diagnostic testing market segments.
  • The latest information on the leading companies engaged in R&D and diagnostic testing products in the pipeline.
  • The analyst's perspective of recent diagnostic test developments, and the revelations on how these influence selected markets.
  • Knowledge of the diagnostic market as an area of growth, research and investment.
(The Contents on this Website is a Condensed Version of the Original Report. To View the Complete Version, Please Request a Sample.)

Table of Contents

1. Overview

2. Introduction to the High-Growth Testing Market

  • 2.1. Introduction to the Global Diagnostic Market
  • 2.2. General Areas with Potential for High-Growth Testing
  • 2.3. Market Drivers in the High-Growth Diagnostics Testing Sector
  • 2.4. Market Segments for High-Growth Testing
  • 2.5. Key Players in the High-Growth Diagnostics Testing Segment
  • 2.6. High-Growth Testing Sector Analysis

3. Hepatitis Serologic Markers and Nucleic Acid Testing

4. Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Testing

5. HIV

6. Infectious Disease Testing

7. Cardiac Markers

8. Cytogenetic Testing

9. Fertility Testing

10. Cancer Biomarker Testing

11. Substance Abuse Testing

12. Vitamin D Diagnostic Testing

13. Renal Dialysis Testing

14. Companion Diagnostics

  • 14.1. Market Revenue Analysis

15. Summary Analysis of the Global IVD High-Growth Market by Geographic Region

  • 15.1. Summary Analysis of the Global IVD Market
  • 15.2. Summary Analysis of the Global IVD High-Growth Market by Geographic Region

16. Clinical Laboratory Genomics

  • 16.1. Introduction
  • 16.2. Clinical Laboratory Genomics Testing
  • 16.3. Developments in Clinical Laboratory Genomics

17. Cellular Imaging Cytopathology and Histopathology

  • 17.1. Segment Overview
  • 17.2. The Market
  • 17.3. Market Drivers
  • 17.4. Market Restraints
  • 17.5. Cytology and Histology Technology Platforms
  • 17.6. Third-Party Reimbursement
  • 17.7. Competition

18. High-Growth Testing Diagnostic Trends

  • 18.1. Genetic Testing
  • 18.2. Quality Measures
  • 18.3. Moderators of Growth
  • 18.4. Workforce Issues
  • 18.5. Reimbursement
  • 18.6. Rapid Near-Patient Testing in Hospitals
  • 18.7. Satellite Facilities
  • 18.8. Regionalization of Laboratory Care
  • 18.9. Requirements for High-Growth Testing
  • 18.10. Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA)

19. Important Technology Trends

20. Molecular Diagnostics a Major Diagnostic Technological Advance

  • 20.1. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)-based Molecular Diagnostics
  • 20.2. Micrarray Technologies and Molecular Diagnostics
  • 20.3. Isothermal Amplification Technologies and Molecular Diagnostics
  • 20.4. Miniaturization Technologies and Molecular Diagnostics (Biochips and Lab on a Chip)

21. Technology Platform Innovations in POCT

  • 21.1. Latest POCT Technological Platforms
  • 21.2. Developments in Key Technologies
  • 21.3. Sensor Systems for Diagnostic Applications
  • 21.4. Nanogen (The ELITech Group) Third Generation Point of Care Analyzer
  • 21.5. Philips Development of Magnotech Technology
  • 21.6. Quidel Corporation MChip, AVR Chip and F Chip
  • 21.7. Sanofi-Aventis

22. Data Management and Connectivity

  • 22.1. Wireless LANs
  • 22.2. Connectivity Platforms

23. Biochips for Clinical Applications

  • 23.1. Roche AmpliChip
  • 23.2. Amersham CodeLink
  • 23.3. Breast Cancer DNA Chips
  • 23.4. Osmetech eSensor
  • 23.5. Affymetrix GeneChip System 3000Dx v.2
  • 23.6. Caliper and Cepheid
  • 23.7. Agilent Technologies 2100 Lab-on-a-Chip

24. Company Profiles


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