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Service Station Retailing in Denmark 2012

Service Station Retailing in Denmark outlines recent movements in the national petrol station network, fuel volume sales, network ownership, market shares, and site forecasts, and analyzes retailers' fuel, shop, car wash, and card propositions.



Based on Verdict's proprietary market data and insight into key fuel retailers, this brief provides you with an up-to-date picture of the fuel retailing market in Denmark. As well as outlining service station numbers, fuel sales, competitor shares, and fuel and site forecasts, it details retailers' c-store, car wash, and unmanned site numbers with an overview of their product offerings.


Benchmark your service station retail offer against the major national players by examining their number of sites, shops, and car washes.

Develop marketing ideas for your service station shop, car wash, and card propositions by examining the activities of players across Denmark.

Make informed pitches to potential partners by gaining insights into the major retailers' networks, market shares, fuel throughputs, and future plans.

Assess overall market entry potential by accessing key market indicators including registered cars, national fuel volumes, and average prices.


Total fuel volume sold declined by 1.5% during 2011 in Denmark. Diesel sales increased by 4.8% in 2011 to 1,300 million litres while petrol sales decreased by 5.2%, falling for a second consecutive year.

The number of service stations in Denmark declined by 0.25% in 2011 to 1,998 sites. 90.6% of all service stations in Denmark are operated by the Top Five retailers.

The number of car wash sites at service stations declined by 1,1% in 2011 to 895 sites. 44.8% of service stations in Denmark had a car wash facility, down 0.4 percentage points on 2011.


Which are the top five players in the Danish service station retail market and how many sites, shops, and car washes do they have?

What is the market share and average fuel throughput per site of the top five players in Denmark?

How is the service station network evolving and which players are opening new outlets, as well as increasing forecourt shops and car washes?

What strategies do key players have across their fuel and non-fuel offerings in terms of products sold, branding, partnerships, and suppliers used?

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