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US Molecular Diagnostics Market 2014: Innovations, Trends and Opportunities for Suppliers

This new 880-page report from Venture Planning Group contains 37 tables, and presents a comprehensive analysis of the US molecular diagnostics market, including:
  • Major issues pertaining to the US molecular diagnostics laboratory practice, as well as key economic, regulatory, demographic, social and technological trends with significant market impact during the next five years.
  • An extensive review of DNA probe and biochip technologies, test formats, detection methodologies, trends in testing automation and amplification methods.
  • Five-year test volume and reagent sales forecasts for the following categories:

   -  Infectious Diseases                  -  Genetic Diseases
   -  Cancer                                      -  Paternity Testing/HLA Typing
   -  Forensic Testing 

  • Review of testing methodologies an instrumentation technologies.
  • Feature comparison of automated and semiautomated analyzers.
  • Sales and market shares of leading suppliers.
  • Over 60 specific opportunities for molecular diagnostic instruments, test systems, IT and auxiliary products.
  • Profiles of major suppliers, and emerging market entrants, including their sales, product portfolios, marketing tactics, technological know-how, new products in R&D, collaborative arrangements and business strategies.
  • Alternative market penetration strategies.
  • Potential market entry barriers and risks.
  • Business planning issues and concerns.

Table of Contents


Worldwide Market And Technology Overview

  • A. DNA Sequencing
  • B. DNA And RNA Probe Technology
  • C. Detection Technologies
  • D. Instrumentation Review
  • E. Biochips: Genosensors, Microarrays, and Labs-on-the-Chip
  • F. Pharmacogenomics
  • G. Major Applications
    • 1. Microbiology/Infectious Diseases
    • 2. Cancer Testing
    • 3. Genetic Diseases
    • 4. Forensic Testing
    • 5. Paternity Testing/HLA Typing
    • 6. Other Applications
  • H. Competing/complementing Technologies


  • A. Executive Summary
  • B. Business Environment
  • C. Market Structure
  • D. Market Size, Growth and Major Suppliers' Sales and Market Shares

Major Product Development Opportunities

  • A. Instrumentation
  • B. Reagent Kits and Test Systems/panels
  • C. Computers, Software and Automation
  • D. Auxiliary Products

Design Criteria For Decentralized Testing Products

Alternative Market Penetration Strategies

  • A. Internal Development
  • B. Collaborative Arrangements
  • C. University Contracts
  • D. Distribution Strategies For Decentralized Testing Markets

Potential Market Entry Barriers And Risks

  • A. Market Maturity
  • B. Cost Containment
  • C. Competition
  • D. Technological Edge And Limitations
  • E. Patent Protection
  • F. Regulatory Constraints
  • G. Decentralized Testing Market Challenges

Competitive Profiles

  • Abbott
  • Affymetrix
  • Agilent
  • Applied Gene Technologies
  • Arca
  • Beckman Coulter/Danaher
  • Becton Dickinson
  • Biokit
  • BioMerieux
    More Companies Listed in Completed Version of the Table of Contents


List of Tables

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