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2012 Japan Strategic Analysis of the Coagulation Testing Market: Forecasts and Supplier Shares

This comprehensive report is designed to help current suppliers and potential market entrants identify and evaluate growth opportunities and strategies emerging in the Japanese coagulation testing market during this decade. The report explores business and technological trends; provides estimates of the test volume for 35 assays, as well as sales and market shares of leading reagent and instrument suppliers; compares features of major analyzers; profiles leading market players; and identifies specific product and business opportunities facing instrument and consumable suppliers.


The growing cost-containment pressures in major industrialized nations, coupled with continued technological advances in molecular diagnostics, chromagenic substrates, monoclonal antibodies, immunoassays, IT and laboratory automation will radically change coagulation testing practice.

Specific and sensitive markers of hemostasis will be increasingly used on automated instrumentation. Coagulation testing will also become more standardized, offering opportunities for quality control products and services. Moreover, the continuing contraction of the hospital system and technological advances will facilitate decentralization of the coagulation testing closer to the patient, thus creating POC opportunities and challenges for suppliers.

Sales and Market Share Analysis

  • Sales and market shares of major instrument and reagent suppliers.

Competitive Assessments

  • Extensive strategic profiles of major suppliers and emerging market entrants.

Market Segmentation Analysis

  • Hospitals
  • Commercial/Private Laboratories

Current and Emerging Products

  • Review of over 40 established and new procedures.
  • Comparison of automated and semi-automated analyzers marketed by Diagnostica Stago/Trinity, Helena, IL, Siemens, Sysmex, and other suppliers.

Technology Review

  • Analysis of current and emerging technologies and their potential market applications.

Strategic Recommendations

  • Product development and business expansion opportunities with significant market appeal.
  • "Ideal" product models with tentative prices and operating characteristics.
  • Alternative market penetration strategies for instrument and reagent suppliers.
  • Potential market entry barriers and risks.


The report is based on a combination of primary and secondary information sources, including interviews with laboratory directors, and executives of leading diagnostics companies and start-up firms developing innovative products.

In addition to primary sources of information, a comprehensive review of the most recent technical and business publications, manufacturer product and financial literature, and Venture Planning Group's proprietary data files was conducted.

Contains: 380 pages and 7 tables.

Table of Contents


Worldwide Market and Technology Overview

Current and Emerging Coagulation Assays

Instrumentation Review

The report analyzes capabilities and features of major automated, semi-automated, and POC analyses marketed by Bio/Data, Cardiovascular Diagnostics, Diagnostica Stago/Trinity, Helena, Instrumentation Laboratory, Roche, Siemens, Sysmex and other suppliers.

Current and Emering Technologies

Technologies reviewed include molecular diagnostics, chromogenic substrates, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, immunoassays, microcomputers, automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, dry chemistry, biosensors and others.

Japan: Business Environment, Market Forecasts, Supplier Sales and Market Shares

Major Product Development Opportunities

Design Criteria For Decentralized Testing Products

Alternative Market Penetration Strategies

Potential Market Entry Barriers and Risks

Competitive Assessments

  • Abbott
  • American Diagnostica
  • Avocet Medical
  • Axis-Shield
  • Beckman Coulter
  • Becton Dickinson
  • Bio/Data Corporation
  • Biosite
  • Chrono-Log
  • Corgenix Medical
  • Diagnostica Stago
  • Helena Laboratories
  • HYPEN BioMed
  • Instrumentation Laboratory
  • ITC
  • Nanogen
  • Roche
  • Siemens
  • Sienco
  • Sysmex
  • Thermo Fischer
  • Trinity Biotech
  • ZyCare

List of Tables

  • Japan: Total Coagulation Diagnostics Market by Market Segment and Product Category
  • Japan: Laboratories Performing Coagulation Tests By Market Segment
  • Japan: Total Coagulation Test Volume By Market Segment
  • Japan: All Market Segments Coagulation Test Volume
  • Japan: Coagulation Reagent Market By Market Segment
  • Japan: Total Coagulation Diagnostics Market By Product Category
  • Japan: Major Suppliers of Coagulation Diagnostic Products, Estimated Sales and Market Shares
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