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mobileYouth Handset Report 2011

This publication has been discontinued on August 27, 2013.


Youth Handset Trends and Behavior 2011 is designed for mobile handset brands who have a growing interest in their young customers (aged under 29 yrs). In this report we share 10 years of experience working with both leading handset brands in 65 countries as well as insights drawn from real youth. We aim to highlight the key issues facing handset brands today - how can they effectively market to the young people in the new Mobile Youth Age where traditional advertising no longer works?

Table of Contents

Strategic Data and Charts

The following charts feature in the Powerpoint version of the report and are available for download for report subscribers.

  • Infographic of the Week: Hey Nokia! Remember Me?
  • China & India will emerge as leading youth smartphone markets by 2012
  • Fans Play a Role in 65% Of Factors That Influences Purchase Decisions
  • The untapped opportunity for Sony Ericsson
  • Sony Ericsson has Fans
  • Sony Ericsson' s Opportunity to Co-Create
  • Vox Pop: Edu, 23, Spain
  • Smartphone Market Share 2010
  • Nokia: The Need to Reinvent
  • A new Generation of Non-Nokia Lovers grows up
  • The Nokia “Feed-Through” (Or the “Harley Affect”)
  • How Blackberry Brings Fans Together To Share & Discover
  • Apple is Recommended The Most
  • How Apple Nurtures its Active Fan Base
  • How Flip involved Youth as Partners in Development & Marketing
  • Fan' s Likelihood of Taking Part In Brand Activities Compared To Average Buyer
  • Fans Are The Most Effective Advocates
  • 3 steps of Fanspotting
  • Profit Comparison Nintendo, Sony (PS) & Microsoft (XBOX)
  • How Nintendo Regained its Market Share
  • Four Fanspotting Strategies
  • Young People ask other Young People before they buy new handsets
  • Karina influences 8 friends to get a BlackBerry within 6 weeks
  • Karina : Blackberry SuperInfluencer
  • Who is Talking about your Brand?
  • Apple Vs Motorola Battle For Market Share
  • Motorola' s Disappearing Customers & Market Share
  • The iPhone Success Story
  • Apple iPhone Market Share and Online Promoter Score
  • Earned Media biggest influence in all markets
  • Trust Vs Advocacy
  • Handsets Outweigh Other Products when it comes to Earned Media
  • Smartphone OS Market Share
  • BBM Blackberry' s ‘Social Currency'
  • Evolution of Social Currency among Mobile Youth
  • What qualities do youth seek in handsets and how is this changing?
  • The Future of Handsets:An Industry Perspective
  • Youth Drive Adoption of New Smartphone OS
  • Growth in the number of smartphone owners aged 15-24 from 2010-2012
  • 15-24 yr olds who bought their smartphone because of Earned Media or Paid Media-By Country
  • 15-24 yr olds who bought their smartphone because of Earned Media or Paid Media
  • Smartphone ownership for 15-24 yr olds 2010
  • Number of Secondary SIMs owned by 15-24 yr olds (millions)
  • Mobile Owners aged 15-24 and duplicate accounts (millions)
  • Percent of all SIMs that are duplicate accounts for 15-24 yr olds
  • Emergence of Smartphone Brands to Redefine the Industry
  • Nokia' s waning dominance in an increasingly competitive industry
  • Comparing Market Share and Profit Margins of Handset Brands
  • From Ownership to Discovery: The Mobile Youth Age
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