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mobileYouth Internet & Services Report 2011

This publication has been discontinued on August 27, 2013.


mobileYouth Internet and Services Report 2011 is designed for mobile handset and operator brands who have a growing interest in the application usage behavior of young customers (aged under 29 yrs). In this report we share insights drawn from real youth using mobile applications from around the world.

Table of Contents

Strategic Data and Charts

The following charts feature in the Powerpoint version of the report and are available for download for report subscribers.

  • Voice Usage Among Young People is Falling
  • More Mobile users go online to manage finances than pc users
  • Daily Mobile Internet Use Among College Students in the US nearly doubled
  • Young people are the most active Among app owners
  • Apple Dominates App Store Wars
  • In Emerging Economies MIM is becoming the preferred non-voice mobile communication tool
  • Android Growth Driven By First Time Smartphone Buyers
  • Youth Driven Innovation for The Next Trillion Dollar ProductService
  • Chinese Youth Lead in Mobile Internet Use
  • Subscribers in Asia Pacific are 45 Percentage More likely to watch video on mobile than the Global Average
  • Mobile Internet is De Facto in Asia & Africa
  • Data Usage Among Young People is on the Rise
  • More than half the online youth is involved in instant messaging and emails
  • Teens are skeptic of sharing, Get their Permission
  • US & UK lag behind emerging markets in terms of mobile video consumption
  • Young People are more likely to shop over their mobile phones
  • Apple Dominates Mobile Internet Usage
  • A Mobile Instant Messenger User is more active on the MIM than on SMS or Email
  • Android Market Share Grows to Rival Apple & RIM
  • Apple Dominates Mobile App Usage
  • App Store reviews Ratings have an effect on decision to Download an App
  • The Android Growth Market Future prediction for Smartphone OS Market Share
  • Most App Owners spend 30 minutes or less each day using apps
  • Young People are already asking friends for app recommendations
  • Young People More likely to Use Apps When With Friends than adults
  • Most app owners use their apps at least once a day
  • Mom' s download more games than educational content for their kids
  • Mobile App Users Are More Active Than Online PC Users
  • App Users are significantly more active on music and video services than non-app users
  • Young people have the most apps across age groups
  • Young People are Heavy Mobile Gamers
  • Smartphone users drive growth of mobile gaming
  • Games Are the Most Utilized Apps while music apps are least utilized
  • Games Are the most downloaded app category Followed By Music
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