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mobileYouth Report 2013: The mobileYouth Economy

This publication has been discontinued on August 27, 2013.


The mobileYouth Economy report gives you a better understanding of how the global mobile youth market is changing. Find out what are the emerging new revenue opportunities for mobile, banking and retail brands.

The report reveals what role youth have to play in the long term future growth of both mobile and non-mobile brands. The report includes 14 infographics on data covering mobile and youth trends from 64 markets around the world.

Table of Contents

I. Executive Summary

  • The new mobileYouth Economy
  • Youth are key growth drivers

II. Global Snapshot 2013

  • Global Mobile Youth Ownership 2013
  • Global Mobile Youth Revenues 2013
  • Global Youth ARPU hits a ceiling

III. Short Term Regional Growth Markets

  • Mobile Youth Africa by Age Group
  • Mobile Youth Asia by Age Group
  • Mobile Youth Eastern Europe by Age Group
  • Mobile Youth Latin America by Age Group
  • Mobile Youth North America by Age Group
  • Mobile Youth Western Europe by Age Group

IV. What's next for mobile?

  • What do global mobile owners need?
  • Future of mobile is in the long tail

V. Youth will shape the future of mobile

  • Youth are most likely to sleep with their mobile
  • Youth drive growth of global SMS revenue
  • Youth will drive growth of future mobile services
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