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mobileYouth Report 2012: Customer Experience

This publication has been discontinued on August 27, 2013.


Product description

The Customer Experience Report covers how brands can better engage the youth market. The report looks at Customer Experience as a unified process where brands partner with young people to effectively integrate Marketing, Innovation & Customer Service.

Read the report to get an understanding of brands around the world have achieved this integration. The report includes 7 case studies on how an integrated customer experience can affect the bottom line of a brand.

Table of Contents

I. Executive Summary

II. Customer Experience

  • A new approach to Customer Experience
  • Youth as partners in Customer Experience
  • How can brands apply a Pull strategy?
  • Measure: Build a Net Promoter System
  • Implementing an Earned Media Index
  • Articulate: Immersion into Youth Culture
  • Focus on Fans, not Customers
  • Gain insights into drivers of Fan behavior
  • Partner: Build Permission Assets

III. The Facebook Case Study: Hacking the Customer Experience

  • Culture of Hacking
  • Hackers are innovators
  • Key learnings from Facebook

IV. The Instagram Case Study: Offline drives Online Customer Experience

  • The meteoric rise of Instagram
  • How Active are Instagram Fans
  • Offline Fan Communities drive success
  • Key learnings from Instagram

V. The Boost Mobile Case Study: Permission Assets win Prepaid market

  • Invest in creating Permission Assets
  • Build Permission Assets around interests
  • Key learnings from Boost Mobile

VI. The Maxis Malaysia Case Study: Co-creation drives word-of-mouth

  • Nurture Permission Assets over time
  • Curate insights for co-creation
  • Key learnings from Maxis

VII. The Safaricom Kenya Case Study: Create Assets to reduce youth churn

  • Low Prices = High Churn
  • Empathize with young people
  • Key learnings from Safaricom

VIII. The Ford Fiesta Case Study: Help Fans tell their story

  • Create movements, not campaigns
  • Give control of the story to Fans
  • Key learnings from the Fiesta Movement

IX. The Apple Stores Case Study: How NPS drives Customer Experience

  • Customer Experience drives retail success
  • Create a social space for your Fans
  • Profits result from improving NPS
  • Key learnings from Apple Stores
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