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Status of the CMOS Image Sensor Industry

This publication has been discontinued on June 21, 2014.

The CMOS Image Sensor market will reach US$13B by 2018!

Driven by handset and tablet applications, a 10% CAGR is forecast for the CMOS image sensor market from 2013 - 2018, reaching a value of almost US$13B by 2018.

Many different applications are driving CMOS image sensor integration.

It's likely that the consumer market will benefit from new mobile technologies. As such, we foresee consumer applications (tablets, DSC etc.) to be the growth driver over the next five years (which is the opposite of the previous five years, which were driven exclusively by mobile applications). Moreover, after being dominated by CCD, DSC applications are now shifting towards CMOS. And while DSLR will be a substitution market, the next wave is likely to be automotive applications, which could become CIS' third big market.

Indeed, the CIS sensor market in automotive is showing steady growth, which is expected to continue in the coming years; possibly become CIS' third-largest CIS market. Automotive also demands new technologies such as high dynamicrange sensors and near infra-red response, and will benefit (with appropriate optimization) from technology developments in the handset market.

A shift from driving assistance applications to security-based applications may imply significant quality and reliability design improvements in the near future, possibly leading to traditional automotive product providers entering the market with more exuberance.

Many other emerging applications are also set to drive CIS' future growth, such as wearable electronics (i.e. smart watches), machine vision, security & surveillance, and medical applications. These applications are likely to be in position for strong growth in the mid and long-term.

The "Big 3" are likely to maintain their leadership, thanks to advanced technologies and strong production capacity.

Table of Contents

What we saw, what we missed

Changes for the 2013 report

Report objectives & scope

Executive summary

Introduction & background

  • CCD vs. CMOS sensors

Market forecasts & supply chain

  • 2011-2018 CMOS image sensor forecasts
  • Global CMOS image sensor
  • Estimated 2013-2018 market shares projection

Application focus

  • Market shares by application
  • Applications, specifications, markets and supply chain for :
    • Mobile phones
    • High-end photography
    • Professional video
    • Automotive sensors
    • Security & surveillance sensors
    • Medical imaging
    • Endoscopy (Camera pills, disposable endoscopes )
    • X-ray imaging (Dental imaging: intraoral and extraoral 3D detectors , medical detectors: CMOS x-ray flat panel detectors and single-photon counting detectors)
    • Industrial machine vision
    • Barcode scanning

New & future technologies

  • Summary of CMOS image sensors' main technical innovations
  • New functionalities
  • Future image sensor generation
  • Advanced pixel architecture
  • Improved light confinement & selection
  • BSI imagers



  • Yole Développement presentation
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