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Status of the LED Industry 2013

This publication has been discontinued on June 21, 2014.

Emergence of low price LED solutions are pushing technology adoption toward General Lighting, but cost reduction is changing industry structure and pushing M&A

Yole Développement estimates packaged LED will reach a market size of $13.9B in 2013 and will peak to $16B by 2018. Growth will be driven mainly by General Lighting applications (45% to 65% of total revenue during this period), completed by display applications.

Objectives of this report are to understand and to evaluate:

  • LED applications (small size displays, large size displays, general lighting, automotive lighting...).
  • LED markets (status, drivers, challenges...)
  • LED industry (supply and value chain), player dynamics and future evolution
  • Market volume (Munits) and market size ($M): 2008 to 2020.
  • Emerging technologies (GaN-on-GaN LED and GaN-on-Si LED)
  • Competing technologies (OLED...)

What's new compared to last edition?

  • Technical analysis (GaN-on-GaN and GaN-on-Si LEDs...)
  • M&A analysis and evolution of supply / value chain
  • Analysis of Chinese LED industry
  • Highlights of 2012 and 2013 LED industry trends (supply, market demands, alternative technologies...)
  • Updates of all market metrics (packaged LED, systems...)
  • And much more...

Key features of the report

  • LED market metrics (unit and value): Forecast 2008 - 2020
  • Detailed analysis of each LED application (LCD TVs, smartphones...)
  • In-depth analysis of General Lighting applications
  • Supply / value chain analysis
  • Analysis per region
  • Analysis of emerging technologies

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Table of Contents

Objectives of the Report

Executive Summary

Packaged LED Forecast

  • Packaged LED Revenue Forecast by Application
  • Packaged LED Volume Forecast by Application
  • LED Adoption Rate (2013 vs. 2020)
  • Packaged LED Price Trends
  • LED Supply by Region
  • LED Reactors

Display Applications

  • Small Size Displays: Cell Phones
  • Penetration Rate in Cell Phone
  • Medium Size Displays: Notebooks & Tablets
  • Large Size Displays :LCD TVs and Monitors

Display Applications

  • Large Size Displays: LCD TVs and Monitors
  • Standard Direct Backlight
  • Edge Lit Backlight
  • Low Cost Direct Backlight
  • Crystal LED (CLED)
  • Organic LED (OLED)
  • Quantum Dots

Projector Applications

  • Table Top Projectors
  • Ultra Portable and Pico Projectors
  • Example of Teardowns
  • LED Penetration Rate
  • Packaged LED Revenue from Projectors
  • Packaged LED Volume from Projectors

Personal Lighting Applications

Automotive Lighting Applications

General Lighting Applications - Lumen Consumption Forecast

General Lighting Applications - Driving Forces, Status and Trends

General Lighting Applications - Driving Forces, Status and Trends

  • Cost Breakdown of CREEX Lamp XB-D
  • Cost Breakdown of Lumileds LuxeonS
  • Cost Breakdown of Oslon SSL (1mm2Die)

General Lighting Applications - Design Trends

General Lighting Applications- Market Segment Review

General Lighting Applications - Market Segment Review

General Lighting Applications - Analysis by Region

Merger and Acquisition in the LED Industry

  • Details on Significant Deals (2010 to H1-2013)

Chinese LED Industry

Emerging LED Technologies

  • GaN-on-Si LEDs
  • GaN-on-GaN LEDs

General Conclusion

Please contact us for a free sample from the full report, including a complete list of contents.

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