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Status of the LED Industry 2013


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Emergence of low price LED solutions are pushing technology adoption toward General Lighting, but cost reduction is changing industry structure and pushing M&A

Yole Développement estimates packaged LED will reach a market size of $13.9B in 2013 and will peak to $16B by 2018. Growth will be driven mainly by General Lighting applications (45% to 65% of total revenue during this period), completed by display applications.

Objectives of this report are to understand and to evaluate:

  • LED applications (small size displays, large size displays, general lighting, automotive lighting...).
  • LED markets (status, drivers, challenges...)
  • LED industry (supply and value chain), player dynamics and future evolution
  • Market volume (Munits) and market size ($M): 2008 to 2020.
  • Emerging technologies (GaN-on-GaN LED and GaN-on-Si LED)
  • Competing technologies (OLED...)

What's new compared to last edition?

  • Technical analysis (GaN-on-GaN and GaN-on-Si LEDs...)
  • M&A analysis and evolution of supply / value chain
  • Analysis of Chinese LED industry
  • Highlights of 2012 and 2013 LED industry trends (supply, market demands, alternative technologies...)
  • Updates of all market metrics (packaged LED, systems...)
  • And much more...

Key features of the report

  • LED market metrics (unit and value): Forecast 2008 - 2020
  • Detailed analysis of each LED application (LCD TVs, smartphones...)
  • In-depth analysis of General Lighting applications
  • Supply / value chain analysis
  • Analysis per region
  • Analysis of emerging technologies

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Table of Contents

Objectives of the Report

Executive Summary

Packaged LED Forecast

  • Packaged LED Revenue Forecast by Application
  • Packaged LED Volume Forecast by Application
  • LED Adoption Rate (2013 vs. 2020)
  • Packaged LED Price Trends
  • LED Supply by Region
  • LED Reactors

Display Applications

  • Small Size Displays: Cell Phones
  • Penetration Rate in Cell Phone
  • Medium Size Displays: Notebooks & Tablets
  • Large Size Displays :LCD TVs and Monitors

Display Applications

  • Large Size Displays: LCD TVs and Monitors
  • Standard Direct Backlight
  • Edge Lit Backlight
  • Low Cost Direct Backlight
  • Crystal LED (CLED)
  • Organic LED (OLED)
  • Quantum Dots

Projector Applications

  • Table Top Projectors
  • Ultra Portable and Pico Projectors
  • Example of Teardowns
  • LED Penetration Rate
  • Packaged LED Revenue from Projectors
  • Packaged LED Volume from Projectors

Personal Lighting Applications

Automotive Lighting Applications

General Lighting Applications - Lumen Consumption Forecast

General Lighting Applications - Driving Forces, Status and Trends

General Lighting Applications - Driving Forces, Status and Trends

  • Cost Breakdown of CREEX Lamp XB-D
  • Cost Breakdown of Lumileds LuxeonS
  • Cost Breakdown of Oslon SSL (1mm2Die)

General Lighting Applications - Design Trends

General Lighting Applications- Market Segment Review

General Lighting Applications - Market Segment Review

General Lighting Applications - Analysis by Region

Merger and Acquisition in the LED Industry

  • Details on Significant Deals (2010 to H1-2013)

Chinese LED Industry

Emerging LED Technologies

  • GaN-on-Si LEDs
  • GaN-on-GaN LEDs

General Conclusion

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