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Power Fabs Database 2012

This publication has been discontinued on June 21, 2013.




350+ worldwide power electronics semiconductor manufacturing sites


Our power fab database is a unique tool that provides a complete overview of all the power electronics manufacturers in the world. We provide the most comprehensive information about worldwide manufacturers, including Chinese and Eastern European companies, with production type, status and capacity.

The data presented are the most up-to-date from Yole Developpement's power electronics team, collected through our large contact base, as well as through our extensive access to publications and exhibitions.

In an Excel format including stats and graphs, Yole Developpement's database allows a completely customized analysis of the market and technology - suited to your business needs.

This is a unique tool for business and marketing managers, institutions and investors, and system manufacturers in the power electronics community.

Use the included graphs or make you own analysis of the power semiconductor fab landscape; more than 350 players in power electronics are identified worldwide, with statistics, graphs and pivot tables for your custom analysis!



For the more than 350 companies included in the power fab database, the following information is provided:

  • Company and mother company
  • Fab details (name - address - country - area - phone/Fax - Website - Region - Area)
  • Fab type (Front-end, back-end, foundry, fabless)
  • Clean room details (size, class, construction and equipment cost and year)
  • Process technology (Bipolar, BICMOS, BCD, CMOS) Maximum voltage
  • Substrate material (Si, SiC, Sapphire, GaAs, GaN, SOI)
  • Company contact (name - position - e-mail - phone)
  • Type of devices (MOSFET, IGBT, Thyristor/SCR/GTO, BJT, Diodes, Power IC, IPM, Power modules, Other FET)
  • Wafer characteristics (FZ/CZ, geometry, size, active layer)
  • Production capacity in wafers per month

And included analysis and graphs on:

  • World fab rankings
  • Production split: By player
    • By area
    • By country
    • By device type
    • By wafer size


Table of Contents


  • Contains key points and table of contents

Notice of information

  • Description of the scope, and the information included in the database


  • The detailed data


  • List of contacts available in each company owning the fab

Breakdown per country

  • Overview of the segments per country

Breakdown per area

  • Overview of the segments per country

Device breakdown

  • Production capacity split by device type

Wafer size breakdown

  • Production split by wafer size

Manufacturers ranking

  • Ranking of palyers by wafer consumption (in 6" equivalent)

List of updates

  • List of changes that have been made compared to the previous issue

Breakdown Asia

  • Manufacturers ranking, by wafer consumption in Asia

Breakdown America

  • Manufacturers ranking, by wafer consumption in America

Breakdown EMEA

  • Manufacturers ranking, by wafer consumption in Europe, Middle-east, and Africa
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