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Status of the MEMS Industry 2013

This publication has been discontinued on June 21, 2014.

MEMS market will double over the next 6 years, pushing manufacturers to consider consumer applications in their strategies.


In 2012, the IC industry saw a 2% decline, but Yole Développement's research reveals the MEMS sector managed another 10% growth to become an $11B business. Analysts expect a 12-13% CAGR through 2018 to create a $22.5B MEMS market, growing to 23.5 billion units. We have identifi ed a number of changes as old MEMS products mature and new ones emerge. Cell phone demand drove strong growth for MEMS devices. Inertial sensor maker InvenSense continued to prove the worth of its fabless model with a ~30% increase in sales.

Triquint saw 27% growth as its BAW fi lters won more slots in smartphones. Yole Développement's report shows markets for inkjet heads and DLPs have matured, but we see huge growth on the horizon for combination inertial sensors and for MEMS timing devices. Combination inertial sensors are starting to see high volume adoption in both consumer and automotive markets, and will quickly account for a significant part of inertial sensor sales.

Yole Développement's report identifies new innovative MEMS devices that continue to emerge. We expect to see a number of them start production, though not reach signifi cant volumes for a few years. MEMS autofocus could come to market shortly. Big smartphone players are now looking at adding environmental sensors for heat and humidity, and MEMS devices could win those slots.

2012-2018 MEMS market forecast by devices

(Yole Développement, July 2013)


Consumer is still the leading MEMS application with increasing needs for sensory interface. Yole Développement's report ranks the top MEMS suppliers. In 2012, for the first time, the top two MEMS suppliers on our annual Top 30 MEMS companies ranking are suppliers of inertial sensors, rather than of inkjet heads or micro-mirror actuators that have long dominated the sector. STMicroelectronics is the first company to grow a $1billion MEMS business, surpassing Texas Instruments. The second sensor supplier, Robert Bosch, has also pushed ahead of Texas Instruments and Hewlett Packard for the first time. The expanding demand for MEMS in both smartphones and automotive applications is creating a rising group of players, that can expect to see solid sales in their future.

Smart phone is driving new MEMS developments

(Yole Développement, July 2013)

Yole Développement's report shows how the results of MEMS players top 30 and companies with the largest growth clarify just how much the smartphone market is driving MEMS demand. AAC Technologies had strong sales of MEMS microphones that propelled them to 90% growth and $65 million in MEMS revenues, putting them in the Top 30 for the first time. More microphones in more phones also helped propel sales to grow more than 20% at both Infi neon and Knowles.

Yole Développement's analysis shows that very few MEMS players have more than one device in production. Only big manufacturers such as STMicroelectronics or Robert Bosch have different devices in production. Although there are many MEMS devices that have been in development for many years now (auto focus, micro fuel cells ...), Yole Développement's analysis shows that crossing the gap from development to industrialization is still challenging.

Consumer and mobile applications are the fastest growing areas for MEMS, having a strong impact on many developments happening at the moment. The report shows that pressure sensors started to be produced in large volumes for cell phone applications in 2012 and MEMS microphones are still growing, boosted by the integration of multiple microphones in smartphones. It is interesting to note the market for standalone accelerometers is decreasing as mobile devices increasingly use combo sensors. There is high demand for compact devices, partially offset by the growth of 6-axis e-compass for low-end smartphones. Adoption of 6-axis IMUs is now strong and 9-axis combos should follow within a few years. This push from the consumer side drives MEMS players to adopt new strategies.


For the first time in Yole Développement's Status of the MEMS Industry report, we also include a section dedicated to ASIC for MEMS and the MEMS manufacturing evolution.

With an estimated market value of $3.3B, the ASIC MEMS market is important, subject to technical challenges as the coming of combos shifts the ASIC needs from standalone MEMS sensor die to integrated systems where a sensor is an integral part of a complete sensor solution. The ASIC design is such a critical part of MEMS sensor with specifi c knowhow that big MEMS companies sometimes prefer to outsource this development.

MEMS supply chain overview and collaboration between key players
(More details in the report)

(Yole Développement, July 2013)


  • Discover a broad overview of all MEMS applications & markets
  • Identify new markets
  • Monitor and benchmark MEMS potential competitors
  • Understand the potential for MEMS devices
  • Know the latest financial trends analysis in the MEMS business
  • Get a list of MEMS players and their activities
  • Understand new MEMS technical challenges
  • Understand the technical evolution of MEMS devices
  • Identify possible business opportunities and prospects
  • Evaluate benefits of using MEMS in systems


  • 2012-2018 MEMS market (in units, US$ and wafers)
  • 2012 MEMS player rankings (in general and by device)
  • Description of MEMS applications: automotive, consumer, medical, defense & aeronautics, industry & telecommunications
  • New chapter on ASICs for MEMS
  • MEMS manufacturing changes
  • Covering all MEMS devices & applications (220+ applications)


  • Understanding of the MEMS markets & players strategies
  • MEMS market trends, business and technology evolution
  • ASIC MEMS analysis
  • Financial trends analysis
  • MEMS manufacturing challenges


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Dr. Eric Mounier has a PhD in microelectronics from the INPG in Grenoble. He previously worked at CEA LETI R&D lab in Grenoble, France in marketing dept. Since 1998 he is a co-founder of Yole Développement, a market research company based in France. At Yole Développement, Dr. Eric Mounier is in charge of market analysis for MEMS, equipment & material. He is Chief Editor of Micronews, and MEMS' Trends magazines (Magazine on MEMS Technologies & Markets).

Laurent Robin is in charge of the MEMS & Sensors market research at Yole Développement with a focus on inertial sensors & RF MEMS related technologies. He holds a Physics Engineering degree from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Toulouse, plus a Master Degree in Technology & Innovation Management from EM Lyon Business School, France.

Table of Contents

  • About the authors
  • Glossary
  • Companies listed in the report
  • Key report features
  • What we saw, what we missed in 2012 edition
  • Who should be interested
  • Methodology & definitions
  • Executive summary
  • MEMS market update 2012-2018
  • MEMS players ranking
  • TOP 30 by device type
  • Automotive
    • MEMS markets in units/$M
    • Comments by device
    • Inertial
    • Pressure
    • Microphone
    • Infrared sensor
  • Consumer
    • MEMS markets in units/$M
    • Comments by device
    • Pressure
    • Microphone
    • Inertial
    • RF MEMS
    • Optical MEMS
    • IJ Heads
  • Defense / Aeronautics
    • MEMS markets in units/$M
    • Comments by device
    • Pressure
    • Inertial
    • Infrared sensor
    • RF MEMS
  • Medical
    • MEMS markets in units/$M
    • Comments by device
    • Pressure
    • Microphone
    • Accelerometer
    • Gyro
    • Microfluidic
    • Infrared sensor
    • Micro dispenser
    • Flow meters
    • Emerging MEMS
    • Other MEMS
  • Industrial / telecom
    • MEMS markets in units/$M
    • Comments by device
    • Pressure
    • Inertial
    • Infrared sensor
    • Others MEMS for industry
    • Optical MEMS for telecommunications
  • MEMS finance analysis
  • MEMS manufacturing changes
  • Conclusions
  • Appendices
  • Forecast changes 2012/2011
    • IJH
    • Pressure
    • Microphone
    • Consumer inertial
    • High performance inertial
    • RF MEMS & Oscillator
    • IR sensors & microbolometer
    • Optical MEMS
    • Micro display
    • Auto focus
    • Optical MEMS for fiberoptics
    • Pico projection
    • Microfluidics
  • Yole Développement presentation
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