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Uncooled Infrared Imaging Technology & Market Trends 2013

This publication has been discontinued on June 21, 2014.

Due to military market drop, shift toward commercial businesses is faster than expected and will continue thanks to established & new consumer applications like personal vision or smartphones.

In this report you will find details about business strategies of the key players in uncooled infrared imaging.


Uncooled infrared camera market experienced a strong downturn in 2012: though total shipments slightly increased by + 1%, overall revenue fell by 12% down to $1,824 million. That strong fall was mainly due to the weakness of the military market that has been historically the main revenue generator.

Global military market was massively impacted by heavy cuts in the US military budget resulting from federal budget sequestration and reduced military operations. US Department of Defense program delays consequences were notable because US market represented more than 80% of global military market in 2011. That strong decrease was partly compensated by the commercial markets, that grew by +11% in units thanks to the surveillance and thermography markets.

Global uncooled thermal camera business (in units)
A fast shift toward commercial markets drive market growth

(Yole Développement, September 2013)

Production outsourcing strategy of key sensors players
in order to reduce cost

(Yole Développement, September 2013)

Main technological trends to reduce size and cost at the sensor level

(Yole Développement, September 2013)


  • To provide market data on key uncooled infrared imaging market metrics & dynamics:
  • To provide in depth analysis on traditional uncooled IR imaging applications: thermography, automotive, surveillance, military.
  • To provide key technical insights into future technology trends and challenges.
  • To provide an in-depth understanding of IR imaging's value chain, infrastructure and players:


  • Uncooled infrared imaging market analysis: market forecasts by applications/technologies 2013-2018 in revenue ($M) and shipments (units)
  • Value and supply chain analysis
  • Detailed applications analysis
  • Competitive analysis and uncooled infrared imager manufacturers' market share
  • Infrared imager technology's analysis & evolution: 12μm pixel pitch sensors, Wafer-Level-Packaging, low-cost & low-resolution infrared array technologies...

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Table of Contents

Executive summary

Overview of IR detection technologies

Uncooled thermal imaging camera market analysis

  • Uncooled thermal camera price breakdown, business models and trends
  • Uncooled thermal cameras market forecast in revenue ($M)/ in shipments (units)
  • Uncooled thermal Cameras: Main manufacturers positioning
  • Camera pricing evolution in commercial markets
  • Zoom on China IR cameras manufacturing

IR Camera market analysis : Thermography market

  • Thermography cameras market forecast in revenues ($M) / in shipments (units)
  • A new IR tools category: visual thermometer
  • Analysis of IR sensor technologies for thermography applications
  • New products : Dewalt, Fluke, Magnity
  • Thermography cameras: Market players and dynamics
  • Main thermography applications
  • IR thermography camera market players and supply-chain
  • Synergies with portable test & measurement market

IR camera market analysis: Surveillance market

IR camera market analysis: Automotive market

  • Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) market introduction
  • Automotive visible CMOS cameras and radar markets
  • Automotive vision enhancement: NIR vs FIR detection
  • FIR cameras products roadmaps and challenges
  • Automotive FIR thermal cameras: Market forecast in $ and units & total available market
  • FIR cameras market players and supplychain
  • NIR night vision camera market
  • IR camera market analysis: Military markets
  • Uncooled thermal imager/microbolometer market analysis
  • Uncooled thermal imaging technological evolutions

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