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World MEMS Players 2012

This publication has been discontinued on April 11, 2014.

The most complete worldwide MEMS players database with 500+ entries.


World MEMS Players is a unique tool for business and marketing managers, institutions and investors who want to get easy access to the MEMS players in the world. In Excel™ format, it gives a complete overview of the worldwide MEMS fabs with contacts, business models, MEMS products, wafer size and production. In a user-friendly Excel™ format, it allows search & statistics for customer's identification and products details. The database comes with statistics presenting geographical breakdown in MEMS business.

MEMS Players Business Models Breakdown

Example of statistical result

Extract of the database


  • The marketing and sales team of MEMS equipment and materials manufacturers, looking to have an exhaustive list of potential customers
  • The executives of MEMS companies to look at a complete MEMS players database
  • The investors and VCs who want to identify new startups
  • The MEMS manufacturers who want to scan the competition landscape



World MEMS Players provides for the 500+ entries, with information at the date of 2011, on the following:

  • Organization name
  • Business model
  • MEMS manager contact
  • MEMS marketing contact
  • MEMS technical contact
  • Company mail address
  • Staff in MEMS activity (if available)
  • Clean room size
  • MEMS product portfolio
  • Real production (if available)
  • MEMS sales (if available)

The database also provides geographical statistics data on company breakdown by business model, breakdown by MEMS product, breakdown by production capacity. It describes worldwide area, Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Japan and China.

A total of 21 MEMS devices are covered: Inkjet heads, pressure sensors, microphones, magnetometers, accelerometers, gyroscopes, combos, optical MEMS, microbolometers, thermopiles/pyro sensors, microdisplays, micro actuators, RF MEMS, microtips, micro fuel cells, flow meters, bioMEMS, microspeakers, oscillators, energy harvesting, microfluidics.

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