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Wireless LAN/WiMAX Market Research Reports

We offer market research, industry forecasts, and business analysis in the Wireless LAN/WiMAX as well as other vertical industries. GII sells reports, databases, newsletters and annual information services that provide the latest market data, such as industry forecasts, projections, trends, market shares, research and development, sales and marketing strategies, and competitive analysis.

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Global CommAero Connectivity
Product code:312909
Published by Frost & Sullivan
Published September 12, 2014 Price USD 1500
Content info 23 Pages
Sample available
Product code:253999
Published by Mind Commerce Publishing LLC
Published August 27, 2014 Price USD 1995
Content info 190 Pages
Sample available
This report provides an in-depth assessment of the Carrier WiFi and small cells market, including business models, market drivers, challenges, value chain analysis, operator and vendor strategies, and a quantitative assessment of the industry from 2013 to...
Product code:310997
Published by Greystone Research Associates
Published August 25, 2014 Price USD 2850
Content info  
Sample available
Global Wi-Fi Market [Indoor Wi-Fi, Outdoor Wi-Fi, Transportation Wi-Fi]: Global Advancements, Business Models, Market Forecasts & Analysis (2014 - 2019)
Product code:273790
Published by MarketsandMarkets
Published August 18, 2014 Price USD 4650
Content info 233 Pages
Sample available
Light Operators: Maturing and Putting on Weight
Product code:310078
Published by IDATE
Published August 7, 2014 Price USD 1650
Content info 45 Pages
Sample available
Product code:309681
Published by Practel, Inc.
Published August 4, 2014 Price USD 3800
Content info  
Sample available
Product code:265469
Published by IDC
Published August 4, 2014 Price USD 2500
Content info 34 Pages
Sample available
Wireless Control Systems for Smart Buildings - 3Q 2014
Product code:264971
Published by Navigant Research
Published July 31, 2014 Price USD 4400
Content info 113 Pages; 69 Tables, Charts & Figures
Sample available
Product code:261596
Published by Heavy Reading
Published July 11, 2014 Price USD 3995
Content info 50 Pages
Sample available
North American Wi-Fi Market: Wi-Fi Everywhere
Product code:307922
Published by Frost & Sullivan
Published July 10, 2014 Price USD 6000
Content info 16 Pages
Sample available
Connectivity Technology Organizations 2014: An Assessment of Group Structures, Fees and Possible Implications on Future Market Growth
Product code:306861
Published by SensiAn Research Limited
Published June 27, 2014 Price USD 2000
Content info 30 Pages
Sample available
The Wireless Network Infrastructure Bible: 2014 - 2020 - Macrocell RAN, Small Cells, RRH, DAS, Cloud RAN, Carrier WiFi, Mobile Core & Backhaul
Product code:291071
Published by Signals and Systems Telecom
Published June 23, 2014 Price USD 2500
Content info 391 Pages
Sample available
Connected Cars: Consumer & Commercial Telematics and Infotainment 2014-2018
Product code:264735
Published by Juniper Research
Published June 1, 2014 Price USD 3001
Content info 102 Pages
Sample available
Connected Cars IFxl 2014-2018
Product code:264734
Published by Juniper Research
Published June 1, 2014 Price USD 3001
Content info Enhanced Excel Workbook
Sample available
Global Software Defined Radios Market 2014-2018
Product code:302345
Published by Infiniti Research Limited (Technavio)
Published May 9, 2014 Price USD 2000
Content info 48 Pages
Sample available
Wireless Backhaul, Trunking and Video Offload via Satellite, 8th Edition
Product code:208624
Published by Northern Sky Research, LLC
Published May 1, 2014 Price USD 4195
Content info  
Sample available
In this latest NSR study, the wireless backhaul via satellite roadmap is analyzed both from a qualitative and quantitative perspective....
Huawei E5372 Mobile 4G WiFi Hotspot
Product code:301381
Published by System Plus Consulting
Published April 30, 2014 Price USD 3240
Content info 106 Pages
Sample available
Global Digital PTP Radio Market Analysis and Forecast, 2014-2018, 10th Edition
Product code:239207
Published by EJL Wireless Research
Published April 30, 2014 Price USD 3300
Content info 156 Pages
Sample available
This report covers the global market for mmwave Point-to-Point radios (PTP). In depth historical unit shipment data is provided for 2012 with a five-year forecast from 2013-2017 also included....
Enhancing "Old" Wi-Fi Technologies and Markets Development
Product code:298818
Published by Practel, Inc.
Published April 4, 2014 Price USD 3950
Content info  
Sample available
WTRS EnOcean and Self Powered Wireless Technology 2014 Report
Product code:247199
Published by West Technology Research Solutions
Published April 1, 2014 Price USD 2000
Content info 42 pages
Sample available
2014 Wireless Technologies and Markets: Growth and Future Direction For WPANs, WLANs and WMANs
Product code:227483
Published by Information Gatekeepers Inc.
Published April 1, 2014 Price USD 2995
Content info 121 Pages
Sample available
Wireless technology has profoundly evolved and substantially proliferated over the past 14 years, since its inception in 1997 as 802.11 or Wi-Fi....
Optimizing Networks: Global Markets for Small Cells and Carrier Wi-Fi
Product code:298487
Published by BCC Research
Published March 28, 2014 Price USD 6650
Content info 121 Pages
Sample available
Product code:269046
Published by IDC
Published March 24, 2014 Price USD 7500
Content info 21 Pages
Sample available