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Wireless LAN/WiMAX Market Research Reports

We offer market research, industry forecasts, and business analysis in the Wireless LAN/WiMAX as well as other vertical industries. GII sells reports, databases, newsletters and annual information services that provide the latest market data, such as industry forecasts, projections, trends, market shares, research and development, sales and marketing strategies, and competitive analysis.

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Global Connected Car M2M Connections and Services Market 2015-2019
Product code:290643
Published by Infiniti Research Limited (Technavio)
Published December 17, 2014 Price USD 3000
Content info 108 Pages
Sample available
Global WLAN Security Market 2015-2019
Product code:297463
Published by Infiniti Research Limited (Technavio)
Published December 10, 2014 Price USD 3000
Content info 105 Pages
Sample available
Product code:291397
Published by IDC
Published December 3, 2014 Price USD 4500
Content info 42 Pages
Sample available
Markets for Sensors in the Internet of Things 2014-2021
Product code:261235
Published by NanoMarkets
Published December 2, 2014 Price USD 3295
Content info  
Sample available
Wi-Fi Blasts Ahead with 11ac Wave 2 Chipsets
Product code:320266
Published by EJL Wireless Research
Published November 30, 2014 Price USD 2995
Content info 132 Pages
Sample available
Product code:319647
Published by IDC
Published November 20, 2014 Price USD 2000
Content info 13 Pages
Sample available
Global LMR Systems Market 2014-2018
Product code:319669
Published by Infiniti Research Limited (Technavio)
Published November 19, 2014 Price USD 2500
Content info 79 Pages
Sample available
Product code:317965
Published by Mind Commerce Publishing LLC
Published November 4, 2014 Price USD 3995
Content info 216 Pages
Sample available
Wireless Communication Equipment and Services Markets in China
Product code:264574
Published by Asia Market Information & Development
Published November 1, 2014 Price USD 4000
Content info 197 Pages
Sample available
The Future of Aeronautical Connectivity
Product code:293857
Published by Valour Consultancy
Published October 31, 2014 Price USD 5630
Content info 251 Pages
Sample available
Smart Grid Networking and Communications: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts - 4Q 2014
Product code:234308
Published by Navigant Research
Published October 30, 2014 Price USD 4400
Content info 91 Pages; 103 Tables, Charts & Figures
Sample available
Fleet Management in Europe - 9th Edition
Product code:203884
Published by BERG Insight
Published October 15, 2014 Price USD 1500
Content info 190 Pages
Fleet management is an ambiguous term used in reference to a wide range of solutions for different vehicle-related applications....
Wireless Network Traffic Worldwide: Forecasts and Analysis 2014-2019
Product code:196804
Published by Analysys Mason
Published October 15, 2014 Price USD 7999
Content info PPT and PDF (41 slides); Excel
Sample available
This Report delivers a realistic forecast of traffic growth through careful, informed analysis and forecasting of the numbers of devices....
Strategic Analysis of Public Wi-Fi in Sub-Saharan Africa
Product code:316015
Published by Frost & Sullivan
Published October 9, 2014 Price USD 1500
Content info 56 Pages
Sample available
The 2G, 3G and 4G Wireless Network Infrastructure Market: 2014 - 2020 - with an Evaluation of WiFi and WiMAX
Product code:293365
Published by Signals and Systems Telecom
Published October 3, 2014 Price USD 3500
Content info 942 pages
Sample available
Product code:316316
Published by Transparency Market Research
Published September 30, 2014 Price USD 4795
Content info 113 Pages
Sample available
Wireless Communications Offer Opportunities and Challenges for Electronic Test Equipment
Product code:315680
Published by Frost & Sullivan
Published September 18, 2014 Price USD 1500
Content info 15 Pages
Sample available
Global CommAero Connectivity
Product code:312909
Published by Frost & Sullivan
Published September 12, 2014 Price USD 1500
Content info 23 Pages
Sample available
Product code:243093
Published by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.
Published September 1, 2014 Price USD 4500
Content info 154 Pages
Sample available
Look Ma, No Wires: New Wi-Fi Gateways Take Video Airborne
Product code:318962
Published by Heavy Reading
Published August 31, 2014 Price USD 2500
Content info 19 Pages
Sample available
Product code:253999
Published by Mind Commerce Publishing LLC
Published August 27, 2014 Price USD 1995
Content info 190 Pages
Sample available
This report provides an in-depth assessment of the Carrier WiFi and small cells market, including business models, market drivers, challenges, value chain analysis, operator and vendor strategies, and a quantitative assessment of the industry from 2013 to...
Product code:310997
Published by Greystone Research Associates
Published August 25, 2014 Price USD 2850
Content info  
Sample available
Global Wi-Fi Market [Indoor Wi-Fi, Outdoor Wi-Fi, Transportation Wi-Fi]: Global Advancements, Business Models, Market Forecasts & Analysis (2014 - 2019)
Product code:273790
Published by MarketsandMarkets
Published August 18, 2014 Price USD 4650
Content info 233 Pages
Sample available
Microwave Point to Point Radio Equipment Worldwide Five Year Forecast Report 2014-2018
Product code:143526
Published by Sky Light Research
Published August 15, 2014 Price Contact Us
Content info 186 pages
The data contained in this report is measured by commercial unit shipments and manufacturer revenue....
Light Operators: Maturing and Putting on Weight
Product code:310078
Published by IDATE
Published August 7, 2014 Price USD 1650
Content info 45 Pages
Sample available