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Delivering Rapid Information Updates to Clients Worldwide.

Global Information, Inc. offers real-time services and works with our global clients around the clock. We present our portfolio online in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. From market research intelligence to global industry conferences, GII serves as the single point of contact for our clients in obtaining the most up to date information in dynamic industries. We provide comprehensive, diversified and customized solutions tailored to individual client needs.

Market Research Reports

Through our partner network, we affiliate with analysts and experts who serve global, regional and niche market sectors. Our off-the-shelf portfolio covers market analysis, emerging business, technology trends, industry forecasts and patent/regulation information. Our clients are confident in GII's selections which assist them with business strategies and long term planning.

Custom Research

If no published reports are available in a particular area of interest, we can coordinate custom research projects. GIIís global teams function as the liaison between our clients and our network of research partners. We help clients to define research scope and deliverables and to assure that the project is completed on time and to the clientís complete satisfaction.

Annual Subscription Services

For clients who require instant updates on market trends and analysis, we offer annual subscription options. Users can access data via online platform, electronic distribution or printed media. These services are appropriate for clients who require continuous information updates throughout the year on specific topics.

International Conferences / Exhibitions

Business networking and market intelligence are complimentary. To help our clients with this integration, we offer access to domestic and international conferences that align with market opportunities coinciding with their strategic goals. Through GII channels, clients are introduced to over 200 conferences and events annually.