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Published: annual subscription Content info: Subscription Program

The Spectrum research programme aims to help regulators, operators and other market players understand the most important issues and opportunities related to spectrum - from a commercial, regulatory and technological perspective.

Rapidly increasing demand - particularly for mobile data services - has created several areas of intense activity in the mobile spectrum world. There is an increasing focus on better utilisation of available frequencies, refarming of 2G and 3G spectrum, 'digital dividend' gains and greater innovation in the way that all radio spectrum is assigned and used. Auctions and re-licensing are changing the way in which mobile operators acquire spectrum assets.

The programme focuses primarily on spectrum auctions and valuation, and spectrum liberalisation and regulation activities.

Market commentary by lead analyst

“The successful wireless service provider needs a joined-up spectrum management strategy. This means acquiring spectrum in a timely and cost-effective manner, and maximising spectrum through informed management and usage.” Chris Nicoll, Principal Analyst, Head of Network and Enterprise Research.

The service in detail

For a typical 12-month subscription, our clients can expect:

  • reliable spectrum auction data and forward-looking information: a comprehensive database of forthcoming spectrum auctions, and the outcome of past auctions (including valuation estimates, where available), which is updated bi-monthly
  • spectrum newsletter : bi-monthly updates on developments in spectrum-related issues, auctions and regulation worldwide
  • access to experts : unmetered access to our subject matter experts and thought leaders for additional insight and opinion, in response to ad hoc questions relating to our research areas.

Programme deliverables

Spectrum auction tracker

Analysys Mason's Spectrum auction tracker provides granular, accurate details and analysis of concluded auctions and planned auctions of mobile and fixed wireless spectrum, reaching back to 2005.

Data is provided in a fully searchable spreadsheet format, for use as a benchmarking and planning tool, and is updated every 2 months. The information for each concluded auction includes:

  • ITU region, geographical region and country and date in which the auction took place
  • frequency and bandwidth
  • average duration of licence
  • price per MHz per population (in EUR)
  • mobile penetration rate (at country level)
  • broadband penetration rate (at country level)
  • name and website address of controlling regulatory agency.

The tracker also provides details of forthcoming and planned spectrum auctions, including:

  • ITU region, geographical region and country in which the auction is to take place
  • frequency and bandwidth to be made available
  • status (for example, planned or publicly announced)
  • planned auction date and methodology (where known)
  • name and website address of controlling regulatory agency.

Geographical coverage

Analysys Mason's Spectrum programme tracks spectrum issues and developments worldwide. The Spectrum auction tracker also has a worldwide scope, split into the following regions:

  • Central and Eastern Europe
  • Developed Asia-Pacific
  • Emerging Asia-Pacific
  • Latin America
  • the Middle East and North Africa
  • North America
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Western Europe.
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