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Mobile Devices

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Mobile Devices
Published: annual subscription Content info: Subscription Program

The rapid evolution of the mobile device market has had a dramatic affect on operators' and vendors' revenue and service strategies during the past few years. As the market continues to evolve and the multi-device ecosystem flourishes, operators and vendors need to innovate in many ways, taking into account the following issues.

  • Value chain positioning : Operators need to assess the impact of device manufacturers' ecosystems on their positioning and role in distributing devices to the consumer.
  • Maximising smartphone adoption : Operators need to determine the best practices for migrating low-end and prepaid customers to smartphones profitably.
  • Pricing structures : Pricing models must now extend over a wide variety of customer segments and device types (from entry-level smartphones to the iPad Air), while minimising subscriber acquisition cost for service providers.
  • The impact of new devices : Operators also need to size and understand multi-device ownership and usage trends. Tablets, wearables and other connected consumer electronic devices will be major drivers of mobile data traffic and application usage, and will create new experiences for consumers

Analysys Mason's Mobile Devices research programme enables clients to understand the opportunities and challenges in this market, and stay a step ahead of competitors. Our analysis reflects our ongoing dialogue with operators, vendors and other market players, as well as our proprietary primary consumer research, which provide a solid grounding for our forecasts and views on the market. We identify trends early, enabling clients to better address their customers' needs, and protect and increase revenue.

Market commentary by lead analyst

“Mobile consumer spend is shifting from services to devices. Service providers should look to monetise smartphone demand via early handset upgrades and leasing plans, while device vendors need to develop a service strategy to improve the 'stickiness' of their multi-device ecosystem.” Ronan de Renesse, Principal Analyst.

The service in detail

For a typical 12-month subscription, our clients can expect:

  • expert analysis of the mobile devices market and technology : examination of the major dynamics in the mobile device market, and advice on optimal strategies for revenue growth and customer management for operators and vendors
  • strategic impact reports and regular market commentary : thought leadership delivered via in-depth reports and regular commentary on developments and innovative strategies in the mobile device market
  • 5-year forecasts for the mobile device installed base and shipments , including annually updated, in-depth smartphone and tablet forecasts for all regions worldwide and for up to 65 individual countries
  • Connected Consumer end-user survey report : in-depth report based on our annual survey of more than 6000 end users in six countries (in Europe and North America), providing insight into and analysis of device purchase intentions, sales channels and multi-device ownership trends
  • access to experts : unmetered access to our subject matter experts and thought leaders for additional insight and opinion, in response to ad hoc questions relating to our research.

Programme highlights

The programme provides comprehensive analysis of the key issues affecting the market for mobile devices. We will be covering critical industry issues, including:

  • smartphone and tablet sales and usage : mobile OS market share analysis, operator device strategy, customer segmentation (high-, mid- and low-end smartphone market evolution)
  • mobile device pricing models : financing plans, subsidies and leasing plans analysis for smartphones and their impact on operator financials (that is, service versus device revenues)
  • emerging mobile devices : service provider opportunities around smart watches, connected glasses, converged gaming devices and other new form factors
  • smartphone market analysis : device vendor strategies, 4G handset releases, device strategies for emerging/prepaid markets
  • fourth smartphone OS prospect s: market potential assessment for operators and vendors regarding new OSs, such as Firefox OS and Tizen
  • multiple-device ownership trends and opportunities : multiple-device pricing models and their impact on device sales and connectivity attachment rates
  • the value chain for mobile device distribution : operator positioning in the distribution value chain, operator-branded devices and SIM distribution strategies (SIM-only, multiple-SIM bundles and embedded SIMs).

Programme deliverables


Analysys Mason's Mobile Devices research programme provides 5-year forecasts of the following KPIs in the mobile devices market:

Handset sales and installed base, split by:

  • connectivity capabilities (3G, 4G)
  • subscription method (contract and prepaid)

Smartphone sales and installed base, split by:

  • operating system (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and others)
  • device manufacturer (such as Apple, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Samsung and ZTE)
  • connectivity capabilities (3G, 4G)
  • price tier
  • subscription method (contract and prepaid)

Tablet sales and installed base, split by:

  • operating system (Android, iOS and others)
  • manufacturer (Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung and others)
  • connectivity type (3G/4G active versus others)
  • screen size (less than 8 inches and others).

Some of the forecasts listed in this section are under development and scheduled for publication by the end of 2014.


The Mobile device subsidy tracker provides:

  • an overview of device subsidy strategies for 16 operators in 5 European countries
  • scenario-based modelling of subsidy levels by operator for different levels of data usage.

Geographical coverage

The programme provides worldwide 5-year forecasts split into the following 8 regions:

  • North America
  • Western Europe
  • Central and Eastern Europe
  • Developed Asia-Pacific
  • Emerging Asia-Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Sub-Saharan Africa.

The programme also provides 5-year forecasts at country level for 65 countries.

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