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Large Enterprise Voice and Data Connectivity

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Large Enterprise Voice and Data Connectivity
Published: annual subscription Content info: Subscription Program


This programme looks at the core products in the enterprise market - the voice and data solutions that generate more than 90% of revenue for most telecoms operators.

The programme explores how technology developments in the connectivity market, such as SD-WAN and 5G will affect the opportunity.

It also looks at developments in the voice and broader communications space as operators fight to maintain relevance against new types of product, such as Skype for Business, Slack, Microsoft Teams and others.


  • Differentiation strategies.
  • Technology developments, in particular SD-WAN and associated developments (for example, uCPE).
  • Unified communications
  • Bundling strategies.


Strategy reports: value chain and key issues

  • Operators' business services strategies in the Middle East and North Africa: case studies and analysis
  • How telecoms operators can launch SD-WAN
  • Delivering business connectivity off-net: securing the right wholesale inputs
  • SDN-enabled disruptors to business connectivity revenue: operator responses
  • Approaches to SD-WAN (volume II): nine service provider case studies

Forecasts, datasets and primary research

  • Operator business services: UK forecast 2019-2024, and other country forecast reports
  • Business-services-related M&A tracker
  • Business revenue tracker
  • 13 reports based on our business survey


Strategy reports: value chain and key issues

  • 5G and large enterprises
  • Unified communications for the mid-market: case studies
  • Operator strategies for SD-WAN (updated report)
  • Alternative providers strategies for SD-WAN (updated report)

Forecasts, datasets and primary research

  • Around 20 country reports (France, Germany, USA, Mexico etc.)
  • Updated trackers (operator business revenue, M&A)
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