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Data, AI and Development Platforms

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Data, AI and Development Platforms
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Telecoms operators and communications service providers (CSPs) are seeking to use new digital technology to reduce operational costs, improve the customer experience and optimally use resources. These organisations require high-quality secure data solutions for accurate decision making.

Data, AI and development platforms have become central to all telecoms operator and CSP transformations. This programme looks at how each of these technology platform areas is changing, what the implications are for operators, CSPs and vendors, and what future changes are likely.


  • The challenges that telecoms operators and CSPs face when ensuring that the data remains secure and is accessible in a way that benefits all parts of the business.
  • The use of self-service tools to enable organisations to generate insights without using scare data science resources. The ability to improve time to value for specific use cases to reduce the risk of project failure.
  • The changing demands of customers that want an integrated and transparent CI/CD and development approach.


Strategy reports: key issues

  • AI-enabled automation in the telecoms industry: insights for communications service providers and vendors
  • AI-based automation for 5G: how CSPs can reap the full benefits of their investments
  • AIOps systems are gradually imposing their logic on operational process automations
  • 5G networks and services need AI-based tools and solutions, unlike previous network generations
  • Intelligent robotic process automation and why communications service providers need it

Forecasts, datasets and primary research

  • AI and analytics systems and services: worldwide forecast 2019-2023
  • AI and analytics: worldwide market shares 2018


Strategy reports: key issues

  • An analysis of AI and analytics platforms: use cases and their maturity in the telecoms industry
  • Creating new services using blockchain
  • The growing presence of OTT providers of AI and analytics platforms and the implications for the telecoms industry
  • Open-source AI and analytics solutions and other development environments in the telecoms industry
  • How operators can create new digital services using analytics and data

Forecasts, datasets and primary research

  • AI and analytics platforms: worldwide forecast 2020-2025
  • Data management platforms: worldwide forecast 2020-2025
  • Development lifecycle platforms: worldwide forecast 2020-2025
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