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Americas Air Freight Logistics Market Monitor

Published by Analytiqa Product code 103002
Published 12 issues / year Content info
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Americas Air Freight Logistics Market Monitor
Published: 12 issues / year Content info:

This publication has been discontinued on September 29, 2012.



A detailed, modal specific, analysis of current and historic regional freight market performance, regularly updated on a month-by-month basis.

The Americas Air Freight Logistics Market Monitor is an integral part of Analytiqa' s Logistics Market Monitor Series, which has been published due to demand from professionals in the supply chain industry for timely, monthly and quarterly freight performance reports across alternative transport modes.

Providing market sizes, analysis of growth trends and comment on the latest performance indicators, the Logistics Market Monitor builds into an extensive country, regional and global data Series, updated with the latest secondary data on a monthly basis. This data provides analysis that can be used to understand the most up to date movement of commodities and goods around the globe on a mode-by mode and, where available, inter-modal basis.

How can this report benefit your business?

Providing a record of past market performance along with analysis and interpretation of the latest growth trends, market segmentation and sector data, enables the identification of key market failures and successes.

  • monthly updates
  • country, regional & global market sizes
  • compare and contrast transport modes
  • analyse market performance
  • identify key market successes
  • understand latest growth trends

Purchase of a regional / modal report series entitles you to receive the current report and the following 11 successive monthly updates.

Each of the individual reports in the Logistics Market Monitor Series is structured on a consistent basis to enable ease of use and cross comparison of data - across transport modes (air, rail, road and sea) and geographic regions (Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East).

As with all of Analytiqa' s business information, this data has the further advantage of being delivered to you through Analytiqa Interactive. This provides you powerful tools such as search, copy and paste functionality to obtain a maximum return on your data investment.

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