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UK Logistics Contracts Database

Published by Analytiqa Product code 201353
Published 12 issues / year Content info
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UK Logistics Contracts Database
Published: 12 issues / year Content info:

This publication has been discontinued on August 28, 2015.




  • Analyse Contract Lengths and Values
  • Detailed Contract Descriptions
  • Search, Filter and Track Key Variables
  • Coverage of customers and 3PLs
  • Search across industries and service types

Analytiqa' s UK Logistics Contracts Database provides detailed information on contract awards collected from across the logistics industry. Analytiqa' s experienced analysts undertake regular research of contract wins and losses, extensions and renewals across the logistics industry.

Regular monthly updates of the UK Logistics Contracts Database bring you an essential customer intelligence tool that will ensure your business development teams are kept abreast of the competition and understand the outsourcing activities of your key clients and prospects. The purchase price provides you with 12-month access to the database and all subsequent monthly updates during that time.

The UK Logistics Contracts Database will help you:

  • Keep track of the latest logistics contract awards and learn when contracts are up for renewal;
  • Collect key sales leads with client contact names and job titles;
  • View detailed contract descriptions and value added service offerings;
  • Analyse contract lengths and contract values, where this information is disclosed;
  • Benchmark industry sector and service strengths of the leading 3PLs;
  • Perform detailed logistics contract searches by any combination of criteria by country, sector, 3PL
  • Track contract awards at national, regional and global levels;
  • Target industry sectors, 3PLs and / or specific service offerings with business development activity;

Please contact Analytiqa for a sample of the Database to help you understand the extensive coverage, the functionality of the database and the type of information included within it.

The UK Logistics Contracts Database contains information on over a thousand contract awards and commercial relationships from across the logistics industry. The information allows users to perform detailed searches of the database by any combination of the data fields, including customer, industry sector, 3PL, renewal dates and contract services.

Key features of the databases include:

  • Contracts awarded across 35 industry sectors;
  • Comprehensive description of the operational details, services and key features of contracts;
  • Coverage of customers and logistics providers;
  • Search contracts by Distribution, Warehousing, Lead Logistics Provider, Reverse Logistics, 4PL, Value Added Services, Open Book and Home Delivery;
  • A wide range of contracts with values from € 0.5 million to € 2,000.0 million and lengths ranging from several months to 25 years.

As with all of Analytiqa' s business information, this data has the further advantage of being delivered to you through Analytiqa Interactive. This provides you powerful tools and functionality to obtain a maximum return on your data investment.

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