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China Oil & Gas

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China Oil & Gas
Published: annual subscription Content info: 113 Pages

Key View:

China's upstream outlook will diverge over the next 10 years, with crude oil output anticipated to see structural declines,

while that of natural gas rises. The refining sector is set to see robust capacity additions over the next few years, although rising

competition in exports, sluggish domestic demand, and the outbreak of Covid-19 paint a challenging outlook for domestic refiners.

The phase one trade deal with the US, signed in January 2020, has the potential to significantly alter China's current oil and gas

imports mix if it were to be realised in full, as existing suppliers would need to give way to accommodate the surge in US supply.

Table of Contents
Product Code: SSCN02_20200401

Table of Contents

  • Key View
  • SWOT
  • Oil & Gas SWOT
  • Industry Forecast
  • Upstream Exploration
  • Upstream Projects
  • Upstream Oil Production
  • Upstream Gas Production
  • Refining
  • Refined Fuels Consumption
  • Gas Consumption
  • Oil Trade
  • Gas Trade
  • Industry Risk/Reward Index
  • Asia Upstream Oil & Gas Risk/Reward Index
  • Asia Downstream Oil & Gas Risk/Reward Index
  • China Upstream Oil & Gas Risk/Reward Index
  • China Downstream Oil & Gas Risk/Reward Index
  • Market Overview
  • China Energy Market Overview
  • Oil & Gas Infrastructure

Competitive Landscape

  • Company Profile
  • China National Offshore Oil Corporation
  • China National Petroleum Corporation
  • Sinopec
  • Regional Overview
  • Asia Oil & Gas Regional Overview
  • 13th Five-Year Plan
  • 13th Five-Year Plan: Key Points
  • Oil & Gas Glossary
  • Oil & Gas Methodology
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