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China Grains Market Weekly Report

Published by Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultants Ltd. Product code 66439
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China Grains Market Weekly Report
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China Grains Market Weekly Report is an updated report focusing on China' s dynamic grain market, mainly covering wheat, corn, paddy, cereals, etc. It is an overall research on planting, production, imp & exp, processing and consumption as to acquire China' s grain market with all aspects. Additionally, it focuses on large scale processing enterprises, such as, technologies, investment, commercial activities and industry policies for insiders to grasp the timely development of this industry.


This report contains mainly three parts: 1 News. It covers an in-depth analysis on hot issues in current markets as to forecast the trend. 2 Weather & Crop Conditions. It provides timely weather and crop conditions in local planting areas as well as accurate local spot prices nationwide. 3 Special Report. It contains grain imp & exp data in this present month.


This report studies some of large scale processing enterprises, and tracks their development based on production, distribution, administration, finance and investment to provide relevant information and materials for our clients.

It takes sales department, purchasing department and R& D department in grain processing manufactories, traders and food enterprises as main client targets. Meanwhile, investors, research institution, investment bank will be beneficial from it to make market research, industry analysis and strategy analysis. Current client follows: foreign government associations in China, multi-national food enterprises and feed companies.

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